MasterProtect P110: Bonding Agent


• Improves adhesion of plaster or concrete mortar to a variety of substrates.
• Alkali resistant to stand up to chemical attack from cementitious and masonry materials.
• Tinted for easy visual confirmation of coverage.
• Can be applied by brush, roller, or spray for ease of use under varied jobsite conditions.
• VOC compliant for EPA and most regional jurisdictions.

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MasterProtect P110: Bonding Agent

MasterProtect P110 is a water-based polyvinyl acetate bonding agent. Apply it by brush, roller, or spray to masonry, gypsum plaster, concrete, and wallboard before topping with plaster or concrete mortar. Questions? Contact Us.

surface Preparation
1.Surfaces should be clean and sound and free of all bond-inhibiting contaminants.
2.Concrete substrates should be fully cured.
3. Point or seal all cracks or voids.

Prior to use, mix at slow speed with drill and mixing paddle to ensure uniform color dispersion and to minimize air entrapment.
1.Do not apply on substrates that will be exposed to water
2. Apply MasterProtect P110 by brush, roller, or spray to produce a thin, continuous film. Do not allow MasterProtect P 110 to puddle or accumulate in low spots.
3. Allow MasterProtect P110 to dry tack free before applying wet plaster or cements.
4.Subsequent application of new plasters and cements must be performed within 72 hours of applying MasterProtect P110, provided that the cured material is clean, dust free, and intact.

When applying 2 coats of acoustical plaster or when plastering over a scratch and brown coat, allow the base coat to completely dry prior to application of MasterProtect P 110 and the finish coat.

For Best Performance
• MasterProtect P 110 should not be used under constant exposure to wet conditions, such as swimming pools, decks, retaining walls, sidewalks, parking ramps, or below-grade applications.
• Do not apply when temperature (substrate or ambient) is 40° F (4° C) or below or is expected to fall below 40° F (4° C) within 12 hours after application.
• Do not thin.
• Do not use on any exterior horizontal surface.
• Do not use over water soluble materials such as glue, calcimine, wallpaper, casein-based adhesives.
• For professional use only; not for sale to or use by the general public.
• Make certain the most current versions of product data sheet and SDS are being used; go to to verify most current version.
• Proper application is the responsibility of the user. Field visits by BASF personnel are for the purpose of making technical recommendations only and not for supervising or providing quality control on the jobsite.


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