Henry Blueskin WP200 3’x66.7′


Henry Blueskin WP200 Features Include:

  • 60 mil thick, SBS modified membrane
  • Unique side-lap feature offers superior water-tightness
  • Excellent cold weather application properties -Factory controlled thickness
  • No VOC’s and low odor -Fully adhered systems prevents lateral water movement
  • CCMC listed -Resists up to 231 feet of positive-side head pressure

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Henry Blueskin WP200 is designed for use as a self-adhered sheet waterproofing membrane in above or below grade applications. Principal
application is on concrete foundation walls, plaza decks, tunnels, and parking decks in both vertical and horizontal orientations. Henry Blueskin WP200 is an ideal membrane for use in interior applications such as mechanical rooms, laboratories and wet-rooms. Combined with Aquatac water based primer, offers excellent performance in ICF applications.

Surface Preparation:

Acceptable substrates are cast-in-place concrete, precast concrete, wood, concrete block, and polystyrene insulation form foundations. Parking of concrete blocks is not required. All surfaces to receive Henry Blueskin  WP200 must be clean of oil, dust and excess mortar. Concrete surfaces must be smooth and without large voids, spalled areas or sharp protrusions. Concrete must be allowed to cure a minimum of 7 days and must be dry and free from frost before Blueskin WP200 is applied. Structural lightweight concrete must be cured 14 days. Where curing compounds are used, they must be clear resin based, without oil, wax or pigments. Prime substrate using Aquatac applied by spray or roller at a rate of 300ft²/3.78L and allow to dry thoroughly before applying Blueskin WP200. Primed surfaces not covered by membrane during the same working day must be re-primed.

Vertical Applications:

Apply Henry Blueskin WP200 waterproofing membrane to prepared substrate in lengths of 8’ or less. Provide 2 ½” laps at both sides and ends. Position for alignment and remove protective film. Press firmly into place. Promptly roll all laps with a counter top roller to effect seal. If more than one length is required on a vertical surface, apply a shingle fashion. Terminate membrane using 925 BES Sealant, termination bar, reglet or counter flashing as indicated. Refer to manufacturers standard details. All laps within 12” of
90 degree change in plane are to be sealed with 925 BES Sealant.

Horizontal Applications:

Apply Henry Blueskin WP200 waterproofing membrane to prepared substrate beginning at the low point of the surface and working to the high point in a shingle fashion. Provide 2 ½” side and end laps. Roll membrane immediately over entire surface to ensure best seal. At all terminations and T-joints, seal laps using 925 BES Sealant. All laps within 12” of a 90 degree change in plane are to be sealed with 925 BES Sealant.

For optimal adhesion on applications below 40°F, Henry Blueskin WP200 waterproofing membrane should be applied within one hour of the
primer application.

Protection of Membrane:

Protection board and/or Henry DB Drain Boards are recommended over all below-grade Blueskin WP200 applications.

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