Henry Aqua-bloc 2P: Self-leveling Liquid Membrane


· Sets very rapidly and develops a strong bond
· Resists lateral water movement
· Internal setting – may be used between impervious surfaces
· 100% solids – solvent free with negligible odor during application
· Elastomeric – remains flexible after curing
· Wide temperature window – can be applied at temperatures down to 15ºF
· Compatible with all insulation including polystyrene
· Can be used on residual asphalt and aged coal tar surfaces

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Henry Aqua-bloc 2P: Self-leveling Liquid Membrane

Henry Aqua-bloc 2P is a two-part, 100% solids, self-leveling liquid membrane and vulcanizing adhesive designed to repair, level and waterproof rough and uneven concrete surfaces. Product cures to a smooth, rubber-like membrane, which can act as a stand-alone waterproofing membrane or as a leveling coat for Blueskin® WP200 or DuraTac™ self-adhering membrane products. Both Component A and B provided in pail, yielding 3.2 gallons of finished product. Questions? Contact Us.

Used as a stand-alone or temporary waterproofing membrane, non-structural repair material for substrate defects, leveling course for rough concrete in new or rehab construction. Used as a primary waterproofing layer in conjunction with self-adhered waterproofing and roofing membrane systems. Used for bonding fibreboard, polystyrene polyisocyanurate, fibrous glass, asphaltic boards, or mineral wool to wood, aged asphalt composition or coal tar roofing, and other adhesive applications. Can also be used for laminating insulation panels to one another. Used as a non-shrink filler in conjunction with Blueskin® Primer Ultra for “plastic boxes” or “pitch pans”.
Limitations: Ensure that the entire contents of Component B are mixed with Component A. Do not scale down units. Apply product as soon as possible after mixing, preferably within 30 minutes.

After complete and thorough mixing of the two components, immediately pour the liquid membrane from the container and spread by squeegee or trowel to a uniform thickness of approximately 60 mils (25 sq. ft./gal.). Coverage will vary depending on surface texture. Material should be applied within 45 minutes of mixing. The working time will increase in colder temperatures. After 8-12 hour cure, surface will accept light foot traffic. For interior application, material may remain slightly tacky after full cure. Apply Blueskin® WP200 or DuraTac™ SA Base Sheet directly to cured product. Priming is not required when self-adhered membranes are applied directly to the cured membrane. In stand-alone waterproofing applications or in conjunction with a waterproofing sheet membrane, install a protection course of asphalt recovery board, extruded polystyrene, or pre-fabricated drainage composite according to specification requirements. For use as an insulation adhesive, pour liquid out of the spout of the container in beads of 9 mm (3/8″) diameter on 300 mm (12″) centers. Apply four beads per 1200 mm (4 ft.) width of insulation panel evenly spaced. Place panels immediately and apply pressure to ensure maximum contact. When used as a pitch pocket filler, prime the inside of the metal flange using Blueskin® Primer or Blueskin Spray Prep, mix as described above and pour to fill the pitch pocket.


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