Carlisle Barrithane VP: Vapor-Permeable Membrane


• Install as low as 15°F, rain resistant immediately after application, damp surface tolerant: Reliable all-season installation.
• Single coat installation on exterior sheathing, concrete and masonry substrates: reduces labor and time to install.
• High-solids, moisture-cure material: High coverage rate, low shrinkage during cure.
• Performs as an air and water resistive barrier on the interior side of masonry walls: can be used in retrofit and renovation of existing buildings.
• Fire-retardant formulation: Can be used in many wall assemblies requiring NFPA 285. Exempt from NFPA 285 requirement per 2015 IBC 1403.5 Exemption 2.
• Vapor-permeable chemistry: Permits use in wall assemblies where a vapor barrier is not needed
• 6 month UV resistance: Allows flexibility in schedule

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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