Carlisle Barrithane VP: Vapor-Permeable Membrane


• Install as low as 15°F, rain resistant immediately after application, damp surface tolerant: Reliable all-season installation.
• Single coat installation on exterior sheathing, concrete and masonry substrates: reduces labor and time to install.
• High-solids, moisture-cure material: High coverage rate, low shrinkage during cure.
• Performs as an air and water resistive barrier on the interior side of masonry walls: can be used in retrofit and renovation of existing buildings.
• Fire-retardant formulation: Can be used in many wall assemblies requiring NFPA 285. Exempt from NFPA 285 requirement per 2015 IBC 1403.5 Exemption 2.
• Vapor-permeable chemistry: Permits use in wall assemblies where a vapor barrier is not needed
• 6 month UV resistance: Allows flexibility in schedule

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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Carlisle Barrithane VP: Vapor-Permeable Membrane

Carlisle Barrithane VP is a fluid-applied, vapor-permeable membrane for use as an air and water resistive barrier in above-grade wall assemblies. The product is a 1-part, moisture-curing silane-terminated polyether (STPE). Carlisle Barrithane VP is a high-solids, low VOC product. It is highly moisture resistant after cure, and can be applied over damp substrates. Barrithane VP will not freeze, can be installed at sub-freezing temperatures and resists rain wash-off immediately  after installation. The formulation is also fire-retardant, which allows its use in many NFPA 285 wall assemblies. Barrithane VP is applied in single or multiple coats by roller or brush at 15-25 wet mils over exterior sheathing, and at 30-50 wet mils over masonry and concrete. Upon cure, Barrithane VP provides a monolithic, fully-adhered membrane. Questions? Contact Us.

Before application, obtain full, safe access to the area and mask adjacent surfaces to protect from splashes or drips. Verify that the product is within shelf life, as indicated on the product label. The following conditions shall be detailed in accordance with Barrithane

VP standard details:
• Sheathing joints: cover with 2″ width tooled ribbon of Barribond or cover with embedded 4″ width strip of DCH Reinforcing Fabric
• Rough openings, pipe/duct penetrations, sheathing inside/outside corners shall be treated with one of these methods: 1) 705 FRA/705 FR-A XLT strip; 2) Trowel application 40 mils wet thickness of Barribond or; 3) Single or multiple coats of Barrithane VP to build minimum 40 mils total wet thickness. If method 2 or 3 is used, fill all cracks and holes with Barribond and coat raw edges of gypsum sheathing with CCW contact adhesive.
• Expansion joints, control joints, termination at head/foot of wall, transitions of dissimilar materials: 705 FR-A/705 FR-A XLT strip bearing 3″ onto each side of joint. Prepare wall substrates accepting CCW self-adhered flashings with
CCW-702, CCW-702 LV, CCW-702 WB, CAV-GRIP or Travel-Tack contact adhesive. Prepare cured Barrithane VP membrane accepting CCW selfadhered flashings with CAV-GRIP or Travel-Tack contact adhesive. Corner treatments shall cover the transition and extend at least 3 inches on each side. Rough opening treatment shall extend 3 inches minimum onto the wall and shall return into the rough opening deep enough to provide continuous seal of the fenestration to the air barrier. Consult Barrithane VP details for more information. All terminating edges of CCW self-adhered flashing shall be covered with a 1″ width tooled ribbon of Barribond.

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