Henry Blueskin SA Low Temp: Asphalt Compound


  • Henry Air-Bloc fluid applied air barriers compatible
  • Flexibility at low temperatures
  • Self-gasketing with self-tapping screws when penetrated and under compression
  • Impermeable to moisture vapor, air and water

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Henry Blueskin SA Low Temp: Asphalt Compound

Henry Blueskin SA Low Temp consists of an Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS) rubberized asphalt compound, that has been constituently laminated onto an engineered blue thermoplastic film surface and is a self-adhering water resistive air barrier. It is designed specially to be self-adhering to a prepared substrate to provide a vapor, water and air resistive barrier in full wall applications or as flashing/penetration membrane with other air barrier systems. Henry Blueskin SA Low Temp is designed for application at low temperatures. Questions? Contact Us.

Blueskin SA LT is designed for use as a self-adhered vapor, water and air resistive barrier. It can be used for tying into metal on windows, door frames and curtain walls. Blueskin SA LT is used also as a transition sheet in collaboration with Henry Air-Bloc fluid applied air barriers where greater movement is expected due to its high strength.

Surface Preparation: All surfaces must be clean of dust, excess mortar and oil to receive Blueskin SA LT. Acceptable substrates are OSB, exterior-grade gypsum sheathing, concrete block, plywood, primed steel, precast or cast-in-place concrete, aluminum mill finish, galvanized metal and anodized aluminum. Striking masonry joints flush. Ensure that concrete surfaces are kept smooth and free of sharp protrusions, spalled areas or large voids. Before applying Blueskin SA LT, concrete must be allowed to cure for at least 14 days and  left to dry completely. Using of curing compounds if necessary must be without oil, pigments or wax and clear resin based.

Application: Position Blueskin SA LT for alignment and remove release film and hold tightly in place. With a countertop roller, roll out membrane, seams included, to make sure there is full contact when in the right position. Rolling of membrane must be done after application to make sure of adhesion to laps and substrate. Blueskin SA LT must be lapped a minimum of 2” (50 mm) on both sides and end laps. When using with brick ties, position, press in place and cut for ties or projections. Ensure any openings and at leading edge are sealed at the end of the workday with 925 BES Sealant, Air-Bloc 21 or Air-Bloc

21FR. Detail work must be carried out carefully to make sure there is a continuous air tightness of the membrane. It is recommended that a properly designed sealant joint be provided, or mechanical attachment is fixed to all door frames and windows.


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4" x 75', 6" x 75', 9" x 75', 12" x 75', 18" x 75', 36" x 75'