Henry CM100: Henry Waterproofing Membrane


-Solvent free
-Can be applied to green concrete 24 hours after forms are removed
-Fast curing cold applied membrane
-Very low odor
-Seamless rubberized asphalt membrane
-Excellent adhesion to most construction surfaces such as concrete, stone, wood, cement and metal
-Safe for use in confined spaces or “hard to get at” applications

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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Henry CM100: Henry Waterproofing Membrane

Henry CM100 is a fast curing, one component elastomeric, solvent free, moisture cure waterproofing compound designed to provide a cold alternative to hot applied rubberized membrane systems or replace conventional hot mop felt ply and/or pre-formed sheeting systems. It is applied in a high build two ply systems or single application which cures through reaction with atmospheric moisture to provide a heavy-duty “seamless” rubber-like, impervious membrane. Questions? Contact Us.

Henry CM100 may be used as a waterproofing and roofing membrane on horizontal or vertical surfaces. Ideal alternative to hot rubberized membranes applications for podium decks, plaza decks, balconies, tunnels, foundation walls, planters, and protected roof membrane assemblies.

Acceptable substrates are cast-in-place and precast concrete, gypsum board and plywood. Joints, cracks and expansion joints must be treated as per detailed Guide Specifications. Lightweight insulating concrete is not an acceptable substrate. Installation on concrete placed over non-vented metal is not recommended. Henry CM100 can be applied to green concrete 24 hours after forms are removed. Surfaces to be treated should be reasonably smooth. Concrete should have wood float finish or similar. Rough surfaces tend to promote air entrapment in the compound during application, which might result in small blistering in the waterproofing membrane. Such surfaces also require use of more material. Before application of Henry CM100, the substrate shall be clean, dry to touch, free from surface water, ice, snow or frost, dust, dirt, oil, grease, curing compounds or any other foreign matter detrimental to the adhesion of the membrane.

Refer to Henry CM100 Guide Specifications and details for detailed application information. For ease of application, condition material to room temperature prior to application. All surfaces to be coated must be above 32°F (0°C). Apply material with a trowel, roller or long-handle squeegee. Squeegee applications are preferred for horizontal decks. Henry CM100 can be applied in two types of systems. High Build Reinforced Systems are used for critical below grade waterproofing or roofing such as plaza decks, podiums, roof terraces or IRMA roof applications. Single Coat Systems are used for general waterproofing such as foundation walls and planter boxes.


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