Henry Crystal Clear Sealant: Henry 212 10.1oz Cartridge


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Henry  Crystal Clear Sealant 212 is an all-purpose, clear, one-part, highly elastic, high-performance thermoplastic sealant.

About Our Henry  Crystal Clear Sealant: Henry 212 10.1oz Cartridge

Henry 212 Crystal Clear Sealant (10.1oz Cartridge) is a one-part sealant that does not require any mixing of components, making the preparation process before installation a fuss-free one. Its high flexibility ensures that it does not sag or crack and that it goes on tack-free within 30 minutes of application. Moreover, it goes on clear and remains clear after it is cured.

The cartridge covers a nominal 15 lineal feet (4.6m) based on a ⅜” (10 mm) bead and should only be applied to sound surfaces that are free from oil, grease wax, dust, corrosion, or any material that may interfere with obtaining optimum adhesion.

Furthermore, Henry Clear Sealant exhibits excellent adhesion to a variety of construction materials, including VP 160 ,making it a perfect sealant to use for your construction projects. It’s a versatile sealant as it can be applied to both wet and dry surfaces due to its exceptional low-temperature flexibility.

Why Buy Henry 212 Crystal Clear Sealant: 10.1oz Cartridge from MetroSealant? 

MetroSealant has had partnerships with the best manufacturers in the building and construction industry since it was established in 1989, including but is not limited to Henry. We aim to provide you with a full range of the latest innovative sealant, waterproofing, and restoration products. Metro Sealant has four fully-staffed outlets in Washington, Baltimore, Richmond, and Virginia Beach. We have a large range of products for you to choose from, as well as technical support whenever you have any queries about our products.

To learn more about the specifications and how to use  Crystal Clear (10.1oz Cartridge), contact us today!


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