Sikaflex 124 : Mirror Grip One Component Adhesive


– Excellent green strength for instant grip to glue a mirror
– Excellent adhesion on most interior substrates
– Low odor / Low VOC
– Flexible to allow movement between substrates
– Will not discolor or stain mirror

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Sikaflex 124 Mirror Grip is a one component, moisture-cure, instant grip, polyurethane adhesive used to bond flat glass mirror products to a wide variety of construction materials. A much better version of liquid nails mirror adhesive and ideal for securing vertical items in place instantly. Used in a wide variety of construction adhesive applications. Questions about Sikaflex 124? Contact Us.

Mirror Grip is the perfect choice when you want to hang a frameless mirror inside of your home. This adhesive is specially formulated for adhering directly to most common substrates including, drywall, cement and wood. It can be used in conjunction with mounting clips to provide a safe, strong and permanent bond to secure your mirror

Areas of Application:
– Designed for adhering mirrors to multiple substrates including: Drywall, painted drywall, concrete, wood, brick, tile, and painted steel
– Floor moldings and door sills
– Lightweight construction materials
– Can be used on most Category II safety films

This product is suitable for experienced professional users only. Tests with actual substrates and conditions have to be performed to ensure adhesion and material compatibility.

Recommended application temperatures: 40 – 100 °F. For cold weather application, condition material to 65 – 75 °F before using. Cut plastic tip of nozzle to desired size and puncture airtight seal at base of tip. Force adhesive onto bonding surface. Apply adhesive as vertical beads spaced at 8 inches apart or in 1 – 2 inch circular shaped patties every square foot. Installer has approximately 30 minutes, until full cure time of 48 hours, too reposition an object with Sikaflex 124 Mirror Grip. When repositioning, the object must not be removed from the substrate in such a way that it loses contact with the bonding surface and breaks the continuity of the adhesive bead between the substrate and the object being bonded. Heavier substrates may require additional support during the cure period.

Tooling and finishing:
Tooling and finishing must be carried out within the skin time of the adhesive. To facilitate tooling, dry tool with a suitable wooden or metal spatula and do not use alcohol or alcohol-containing products for tooling.

Uncured Sikaflex 124 Mirror  Adhesive Grip can be removed from tools, but is a permanent bond, and equipment with Sika Remover-208 or another suitable solvent. Once cured, the material can only be removed mechanically. Hands and exposed skin should be washed immediately using a suitable industrial hand cleaner and water. Strictly follow solvent manufacturer’s instructions for use and warnings. Do not use solvents on skin!




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