Pecora 300 SL: Self Leveling 4.5 Gal Sealant


  • Color: Pavement Gray
  • Reduces pavement deterioration by restricting surface water penetration
    into underlying base and sub base layers.
  • Convenient one component, neutral moisture curing system.
  • Ultra low modulus resulting in high movement capability.
  •  Ease of application with standard automated bulk dispensing equipment such as Graco or Pyles.
  •  VOC compliant.
  •  Primerless adhesion to concrete and asphalt.
  •  Aids in elimination of non compressible entering expansion
  • Coverage varies depending on joint size, see data sheet below

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Sealant Coverage Chart

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Pecora 300 SL: Self Leveling 4.5 Gal Sealant

Pecora 300SL Silicone Pavement is a one part, ultra low modulus elastomer
designed for sealing joints in roadways. It has excellent unprimed adhesion to
concrete, metal and asphalt substrates, superior weather resistance and remains flexible at extremely low temperatures. Pecora 300 SL Silicone Pavement Sealant is a self levelling product designed for
applications on flat surfaces.

Surface Preparation

New or old concrete surface must be dry and free of dust, laitance, grease, oils, curing compounds, water repellents, waxes, foreign particles, and disintegrated substrate. Restoration work requires saw cutting and/or sandblasting, followed by blowing out with compressed air (moisture and oil-free). Joint area should be free of all dust and foreign debris before back-up material is installed. Priming may be required. P-225 / concrete or
P-200 / asphalt. Proper adhesion should be confirmed prior to full scale production.

Joint Backing

Backer rod should be used to control the sealant depth and
cushion it from impact. Closed cell polyethylene is recommended. Use a size
that will compress 25% when inserted into the joint.

Coverage Rate 

See first page of Technical Data Sheet for coverage chart.


Ideal surface temperature should be 60°F-85°F. Sealant should be
applied to the prepared joint in a continuous operation. Sealant should
always be recessed below the traffic surface.

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Immediately remove all excess sealant and smears adjacent to joints with
mineral spirits. For equipment cleanup, also use mineral spirits. Consult manufacturer’s MSDS for handling and safety precautions.

Shelf Life

Approximately one (1) year when stored in original, unopened
container in a dry area at temperatures below 80°F.


Use with adequate ventilation or wear an appropriate NIOSH-approved respirator. Contact with uncured sealant or with vapors generated during curing may cause respiratory tract irritation. Contact with skin or eyes may
cause irritation or allergic reaction. Avoid contact and wash thoroughly after handling. May be harmful if swallowed.

Pecora 300 SL Safety Data Sheet

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