Conproco Matrix: Repair Mortar 50lb Pail


  • Yield: 12 Sq. Ft./pail at 1/2″ repair depth
  • Setting Time: 4 hours
  • Low Shrinkage-Maintains integrity of repair, resists cracking.
  • Thermal Compatibility -Prevents delamination due to temperature change.
  • Durable-Resistant to weathering action, excellent freeze/thaw stability and abrasion resistance.
  • Very low permeability -Resistant to deicing salts, chloride, and chemical attack, and environmental pollution.
  • Breathability -Will not cause damage to structure by restricting moisture vapor flow.
  • Shaveable -Recreate sharp edges and architectural details.
  • Single component -Easy to batch in less than full pail quantities.
  • On-site color matching -Great matches, no wait for factory samples.

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet