Pecora 898 NST 10.1oz Tube : Sanitary Silicone


  • Transluscent Mold and mildew resistant even under prolonged hot and humid environments. It is unaffected by free steam and is non- corrosive to copper, brass or zinc alloys.
  • Non-staining formula: Can not stain natural stone such as marble and granite. Does not include fluid that can migrate from joint and collect dirt that may promote mold and mildew growth.
    • New translucent color formula now clearer.
    • Neutral-curing chemistry does not have the permeating acetic acid(vinegar) odor associated with other silicone sanitary sealants.
    • Remains permanently flexible at all temperatures preventing shrinking, cracking and crumbling.
    • Will not sag or slump in vertical joints in the hottest of weather.


Pecora 898 NST is used for sealing the perimeters of fixtures of bathroom, lavatory, kitchen and other hygienic facilities. It is also used to reset and/or re-grout ceramic tile. 898NST will not stain natural stone such as marble and granite.

Pecora 898NST is a single component, very low odor, neutral curing silicone sealant with excellent aesthetic character- istics in that it will not stain sensitive porous natural stones such as granite or marble. Reduction in long term dirt pick up on sealant surface is also a feature of the Pecora NST line of silicone architec- tural grade sealants. Pecora 898 is expressly developed for those interior applications requiring a high degree of cleanliness, freedom from bacterial growth and an appearance complimentary to adja- cent surfaces. Pecora 898NST adheres extremely well to glass, plastics, ceramic tile, glazed pottery, natural or cultered marble, porcelan, enamel, metals, painted wood, granite, limestone, and other natural stones.

Surface Preparation: Surfaces should be clean, dry and free of all contamination such as protective coatings, oils, grease and soap or detergent films.

Priming: Priming is not required on ceramic tile, glass or glazed surfaces. Certain other surfaces may require a primer for best adhesion. Contact Technical Services Department (800-523-6688) for specific recommendations.

Masking: Surfaces adjacent to joints should be masked before priming and/or sealant application to prevent staining and present a neat sealant line.

Application: sealant may be applied directly from plastic cartridges or bulk gun. No mixing or heating is required.The sealant should be applied in a continuous operation using sufficient pressure to fill the joint completely and insure firm contact to joint sides.Tool sealant slightly concave immediately after application using dry tooling techniques or a solvent. Do not tool with soap or detergent and water solutions. Remove masking tape and excess uncured sealant from adjacent surfaces using mineral spirits.

Clean Up: Immediately remove all excess sealant and smears adjacent to joints with mineral spirits.Also use mineral spirits for removing uncured sealant from equipment. Remove cured sealant by scraping, sandpapering, etc. (Caution: mineral spirits is flammable and toxic. Observe manufacturer’s precautions).

Tool Time: (Initial Skin): 20-30 minutes at 77° F (25° C), 50% RH. Higher tempera- tures and humidity will shorten this time.

Shelf Life: 12 months in original unopened cartridges (9 months in bulk containers) when stored at temperatures lower than 80° F (27°C).

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Additional information

Weight .52 kg
Dimensions 28.58 × 5.08 × 5.08 cm

Almond, Black, Translucent, Tru White


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