Pecora AC-20 : Acrylic Latex 10 oz Tube


  • Latex Caulking
  • Interior Caulking
  • The sealant must be protected from water for 24 hours after application; do not caulk outdoors when rain is imminent.
  • Windows must be properly weeped since entrapped water could cause reversion. Sealant must be given additional time to fully cure before windows are installed because of the closed-in conditions.
  • Installed sealant shall not be subjected to repeated exposure of aggressive cleaning or disinfecting compounds

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Pecora AC-20 elastomeric properties make it an excellent sealant for caulking interior and concrete joints. Hollow core ceiling and floor planks, window and door frames, vinyl, aluminum, steel and plywood siding, sheetrock, baseboards and bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Questions about Pecora AC-20? Contact us

AC-20 is a pure acrylic latex sealant for general purpose interior and exterior caulking in architectural applications where slight to moderate movement is anticipated. Designed with the highest quality ingredients, also  including a silicone additive for greater adhesion and weatherability, AC-20 is completely compatible with premium-grade latex and oil paints and will not stain adjacent surfaces.

Pecora AC 20 has superb color stability and resistance to ultraviolet rays, ozone and airborne contaminants. It is mildew resistant and has United States Department of Agriculture acceptance for use in meat and poultry processing plants. In addition to the substrates listed above, AC-20 is compatible with polystyrene, polyurethane, cork, foamed and fibrous glass and gypsum board.

Applicable Standards: AC-20 meets and exceeds the requirements of ASTM C834 Specification For Latex Sealants.

Movement Capability: 7 1⁄2% in extension, and 7 1⁄2% in compression (15%) when installed in properly designed joints within its range of thermal movement capabilities. Refer to Test Data Box below for further technical information.

Joint Design: The width of the joint should be about 12 times the anticipated movement. This should fall within the range of 1/4” (6 mm) to 3/4” (19 mm). The depth of the joints should be 1/4” (6 mm) minimum to 3/8” (9 mm) maximum.

Application: the freezing point of AC-20 is considerably below 32° F (0°C), and the sealant can withstand five freeze-thaw cycles. For best performance protect it from severe cold and apply above 40° F (4°C) to lessen the possibility of frost in the joints. Fill joints and tool lightly to insure full contact to both sides of the joint and a smooth surface. This can be used for ceramic tile repair mortar, marble and ceramic tile, grout marble and ceramic. As well as Joints and under controlled conditions to bed insulated by mortar.

As with any waterborne product, the cure time is dependent on ambient conditions. Low temperatures or high humidity will extend cure time, while higher temperatures or low humidity will accelerate the cure. Conditions to bed insulated glass units and storm windows will make a difference.


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