Pecora AC-20: Acrylic Latex 10 oz Tube


  • Latex Caulking
  • Interior Caulking
  • The sealant must be protected from water for 24 hours after application; do not caulk outdoors when rain is imminent.
  • Windows must be properly weeped since entrapped water could cause reversion. Sealant must be given additional time to fully cure before windows are installed because of the closed-in conditions.
  • Installed sealant shall not be subjected to repeated exposure of aggressive cleaning or disinfecting compounds

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Pecora AC-20: Acrylic Latex 10 oz Tube

Are you looking for a powerful sealant with superb color stability and resistance to ultraviolet rays? If yes, find out more about the features of the Pecora AC-20: Acrylic Latex 10 oz Tube and order online from Metro Sealant.

About the Pecora AC-20: Acrylic Latex 10 oz Tube

The Pecora AC-20 Acrylic Latex 10 oz Tube is an excellent choice for a wide range of construction and repair tasks. This product is a low-odor, water-based acrylic latex paint that provides superior adhesion to many substrates, including masonry, wood, metal, and vinyl. The AC-20 Paint offers maximum flexibility and durability with excellent resistance to cracking, peeling, and chalking.

With its fast drying time, mildew resistance, and low VOC content, this paint is the perfect solution for any indoor or outdoor painting project. The Pecora AC-20’s versatility makes it suitable for both interior and exterior applications, including walls, floors, ceilings, and trim surfaces. Its easy application allows you to quickly cover large areas with minimal preparation time while providing smooth coverage that resists fading over time.

Why Buy Pecora AC-20: Acrylic Latex 10 oz Tube from Metro Sealant?

At Metro Sealant, we believe that our customers deserve only the best when it comes to selecting sealants, and that’s why we offer the top-quality Pecora AC-20 Acrylic Latex 10 oz Tube. This product is designed to provide superior performance for your sealing needs and is perfect for both interior and exterior applications. Its advanced formula offers excellent elongation properties and will not crack or peel over time, making it a great choice for any project.

To learn more about our Pecora AC-20: Acrylic Latex 10 oz Tube, contact us today!

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 2 × 2 in

Almond, Aluminum Stone, Beige Gray, Black, Bronze, Brown, Cedar, Ivory, Limestone, Tan, Tru White