Tremgrip Adhesive: Tremco Gray 10 oz Tube


• Single component elastomeric
adhesive(medium modulus)
• High initial grab
(Green strength)
• instant grab minimizes
the need for additional
fasteners or clamps
• Offers great elasticity and
rapid bond development
• Environmentally friendly, solvent free
formulation, lowodor
and extremely low VOC
• Rsistant to UV, weather and aging
• Indoor/outdoor use on a variety of substrates

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Tremgrip Adhesive: Tremco Gray 10 oz Tube

TREMGrip is a one component, non-sag, elastic adhesive based on hybrid polymers It has been developed to bond materials to a variety of substrates where an adhesive with extremely high initial green strength is required. Questions about TREMgrip? Contact Us. 


Basic Uses
  • TREMGrip is perfect for indoor/outdoor use on a variety of substances including, but not limited to drainage board for backfilled applications, air barrier applications and insulation to air barriers and below-grade membranes


TREMGrip has been developed to bond materials to a variety of substrates where an adhesive with extremely high initial green strength is required. Examples of applications include, but are not limited to:
• Drainage board for backfill applications
• Air Barrier Applications
• Insulation to Air Barriers and Below Grade Membranes

• Prefit all materials prior to applying the adhesive.
• Protect surrounding area from excess adhesive.
• TREMGrip typically adheres to common construction substrates without primers. However, Tremco always recommends that a mock-up or field adhesion test be performed on the actual materials being used on the job to verify the need for a primer. For other materials, please contact Tremco Technical Services.

• Non-porous surfaces may need to be roughened with an abrasive to promote better adhesion.
• Surfaces to be bonded must be clean, dry, and free of frost, grease, and any other contaminants.

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300 ml cartridge (12 per carton) with removable nozzle.
600 ml sausage (15 per carton).
TREMGrip is easy to apply with conventional caulking equipment
Not Suitable for bonding polyethylene, polypropylene, Teflon® or nylon. Not recommended for sheet laminate. Do not use as a structural glazing adhesive. Not suitable for bonding of plastics that are sensitive to stress cracking. Not recommended for prolonged exposure to water. Contact with bituminous or tar containing surfaces may lead to discoloration. Staining on natural stone may occur. If 2 non- porous substrates are adhered, the maximum width should not exceed 15 mm.
Safety data sheet must be read and understood before use.



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