Masterseal TC 235: 1500 Traffic System 5 gal


  • Short-filled pails of MasterSeal TC 235 Tint Base material allows for easy mixing with integrated, MasterSeal 945 aggregate
  • MasterSeal TC 235 has low VOCs
  •  UV resistant, one-component waterproofing coating
  •  Easy preparation reduces on-site labor costs
  •  40 standard colors utilizing MasterSeal 900 color packs (pedestrian use only) available with MasterSeal TC 235 Tint Base
  • Two color packs are required per bucket if selecting tintable version
  • Pre-tint color chart
  • Color Packs

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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Masterseal TC 235: 1500 Traffic System 5 gal

MasterSeal TC 235 is a low VOC, moisture-curing polyurethane top coat for use in MasterSeal Traffic 1500 Low VOC deck coating systems. The TC 235 is a one-component waterproofing coating and is UV-resistant. TC 235 Tint Base product allows for a variety of colors in pedestrian applications.


MasterSeal TC 235 Tint Base is intended for pedestrian use only and is not suitable for vehicular traffic. TC 235 Tint base should be mixed with two (2) Master Builders Solutions MasterSeal 900 color packs per 5 gallons in order to achieve the desired color tint. When using short-filled pails of TC 235 (only 2.5-gallon fill), only one (1) MasterSeal 900 color pack should be used. When installing TC 235 Tint Base, a second coat may be required for proper hiding.

For best results

  • Avoid whipping air into Tint Base.
  • Mix pigment cans thoroughly into Tint Base.
  •  Always do a test area to assure acceptable color appearance and slip resistance.
  •  Do not apply TC 235 Tint Base heavier than the recommended 25 mil (0.64 mm) application.
  • Colors exposed to direct sunlight may fade over a period of time. Darker colors potentially fade at an increased rate.
  •  Aggregate and substrate conditions may affect color and appearance.


Store in unopened containers in a cool, clean, dry area.

Shelf Life

When properly stored, TC 235 has a 1 year shelf life


  • Stadiums
  •  Balconies
  •  Parking Garages
  •  Commercial Construction
  •  Building and Restoration
  •  Plywood Decks/Balconies
  •  Plaza Decks

VOC Content

MasterSeal TC 235 has the following g/L VOC contents less water and exempt solvents:

  •  TC 235: 95 g/L

TC 235 cures in 12−14 hours when tested at 73 °F (23 °C) and 50%
relative humidity.

Read, understand and follow all Material Safety Data Sheets and product label information for this product prior to use.

TC 235 Safety Data Sheet


Weight 48.50 lbs
Dimensions 30.48 × 30.48 × 38.1 in

Gray, Tintbase