Euclid Color Charts

Euclid offers a wide range of colors for its BASF range of concrete products. professionals working in the masonry field already know that Euclid BASF offers superior results when it comes to coatings, adhesives and bondings. The color charts now allow you to add a decorative element to your concrete work, thanks to the wide selection of colors.

Euclid sealant products offer superior protection to freshly cast concrete. Our sealants are able to protect from UV rays as well as weathering. This way, you know that your concrete works are protected at all times.


About Euclid

The Euclid Chemical Company, based in Cleveland, Ohio, is a leading manufacturer of products for the concrete and masonry construction industry in North America. With A Powerful Reputation lasting over a century, Euclid Chemical offers high quality products and industry leading technical support for all their customers

Euclid Chemical provides products and technologies that include: admixtures, fiber, integral color, shotcrete, grouts, repair mortars, bonding agents, adhesives, coatings, curing and sealing compounds, dry shake hardeners, joint fillers, sealants, densifiers, waterproofing, repair and other products. Our Leading brands, including euco, eucon, plastol, increte, tuf-strand, fiberstrand, dural, vandex, qwikjoint, and eucorepair are known in the concrete industry for innovation and high quality, verified through iso 9001 certification.


Euclid Color Charts

Color Charts are used as a guide in selecting the right color for your building projects. With advancements in technology allowing sealant producers to create a wide range of products in a diverse range of colors, color charts allow us to pick the respective colored products for our unique needs. Just note the code for each respective color and hue, selecting the precise shade of sealant to best meet your requirements.

We offer a wide range of color charts, including the euclid universal color chart, Euclid decorative coatings color chart, euclid eucopoxy tufcoat dbs colored quartz aggregate color chart, euclid industrial coatings color chart, eucolastic color chart, eucopoxy tufcoat color chart and the increte systems standard color chart, just to name a few, euclid is equipped with all the colors and products fit for your respective needs.

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A family owned business since 1989, Metro Sealant partners with some of the best manufacturers in the business. Our goal is to provide our customers with the latest, most innovative building products on the market as well as to ensure the high quality of their respective building projects. With four fully stocked locations, Metro Sealant is able to provide prompt delivery of sealant, waterproofing, and restoration products to the Washington, Baltimore, Richmond, and Virginia Beach areas. Through our fully staffed sales teams at each of our locations, we deliver more than just materials by offering competitive pricing and technical support that you won’t find elsewhere.

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