Henry Learning Center

Henry Learning Center offers a variety of resources for individuals looking to learn more about the Henry range of sealant products. Our Henry Learning Center will offer professionals in the construction industry the knowledge they need to get the best out of Henry products.

Henry adhesives and other products are a common feature in construction sites. They offer superior results with a durable effect. By using our Henry Learning Center to broaden your knowledge on various aspects of construction, you are empowered to deliver value to your clients. Our Henry Learning Center includes a number of webinars that participants can download at their convenience. This also means that participants can learn at their own pace.


About Henry

W.W. Henry Company was founded by Warner W. Henry, Sr in 1933. Initially, the company manufactured roof mastics, roof coatings, driveway sealers, and roofing adhesives. By the 1950s, W.W. Henry had become one of the biggest manufacturers of flooring adhesives in the U.S., primarily due to its development of latex-based products for use in linoleum installation, acoustical ceiling tile adhesives, and multi-purpose cove base adhesives.

The company introduced HENRY 356 in 1964—a latex-based flooring adhesive that became popular with manufacturers and consumers alike—and is today one of the most widely used products in the industry.


Henry Learning Center

Henry Learning Center is for architects, engineers, builders, and building owners who are interested in learning more about how they can use the wide range of Henry sealant products to improve their construction efforts. If you are interested in finding out more about the power of the latest Henry products in providing aesthetically superior results with a durable effect, you have come to the right place.

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