Cutting Tools & Hand Tools

Formed in 1989, MetroSealant is known as a family-owned business that works with the best manufacturers in the industry. This has allowed us to provide our customers with unparalleled options and the most technologically advanced products in the market today. With our assorted array of cutting and hand tools, we provide our customers the opportunity to get the right equipment to meet all their sealant, waterproofing, and restoration needs. From knives to turbo blade diamond cutters, you can find it all at MetroSealant.

About Cutting Tools and Hand Tools for Waterproofing, Sealant and Product Restoration Works

As a rule of thumb, a tool is basically any implement or device that is used directly upon a piece of material to shape it to suit the project needs.

During the waterproofing, sealing and restoration process, there comes a time when cutting and hand tools are required. At a glance, the need for a cutting and hand tools may seem like the least of the problems of the technician.  Having said that, to get a job done well, the proper cutting or hand tool plays a huge part of the process.

As far back as the stone ages, Man has utilized cutting and hand tools. Far removed from the initial rudimentary tools that were used, the need for these tools is prevalent in the industry. These tools are complementary to power tools that make a challenging job easier.

When in the process of performing restoration, waterproofing, and sealing works, a time will come when there is a need to get rid of excess materials so as to meet the wanted shape or design. The proper usage of the equipment will enable the technician to achieve the desired result for the work smith.

Applications of Cutting Tools and Hand Tools in Waterproofing, Sealant and Product Restoration Works

  • Cutting Tools: As the name suggests, a cutting tool is well, engineered to cut materials. Be From creating holes in drywalls to installing a planter to removing unwanted materials, a cutting tool is a versatile and handy tool that is a must have in any project. To meet the ever-growing needs of any project, MetroSealant has the right type of cutting equipment for every occasion. Be they woods, polymers, alloys, cast irons, steels, hard metals, or superalloys; a good cutting tool is vital to getting neat and professional results in projects.
  • Hand Tools: When thinking of hand tools, it is safe to assume that they are used in manual labor jobs, like filing, sawing and even forging. In the realm of hand tools, the power tool would often come into play as they can aid in the performance of jobs.

Get High-Quality Cutting Tools and Hand Tools at MetroSealant

At MetroSealant, we have a huge selection of tools from wallpaper shavers to caulk cutters and with our four fully-stocked warehouses and our top-notch technical support, you can rest assured that we will be able to meet your needs.

To find out more about the different types of cutting and hand tools for all your waterproofing, sealant and product restoration projects, contact us at MetroSealant today.