Dupont is a global chemical company that specializes in PPE, textiles, and adhesives. The company was founded by Eleuthère Irénée du Pont in 1802, and it first started out as a gunpowder and explosives business located near Wilmington, Delaware. The business soon branched out into other fields and went international less than ten years after its founding.

The company operates through three segments: Industrial Biosciences (IB), Performance Materials and Chemicals (PM&C), and Safety & Protection (S&P). The IB segment offers biotechnology products to customers involved in food, animal health, and agriculture industries. It provides synthetic genes used to produce proteins or enzymes for crop protection, specialty bioplastics, and water purification. The PM&C segment manufactures polymer intermediates and high-performance elastomers. This segment’s products are utilized by a number of markets, including automotive, construction, commercial trucking, agriculture, and construction machinery industries. In fact, part of why Dupont remains so successful today is because it can draw on such a vast amount of experience and expertise across such a wide variety of industries and markets.

About Dupont Products

All businesses need to protect their workers from potential hazards and risks, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential for keeping staff safe. While all businesses must provide PPE for their workers, keeping on top of everything your business requires can be challenging. That’s where this Company comes in! With their extensive range of PPE and tools and materials (such as adhesives), they provide you with one place to source everything your business needs when it comes to protection. Dupont can supply anything from Personal Protective Equipment such as gloves and respirators to safety clothing like earmuffs. All these items can be purchased at great prices, with next-day delivery options available when required.

Benefits of Dupont Products

Choosing PPE that is appropriate for your industry and job can be tricky. As a general rule of thumb when dealing with chemicals, wear gloves to protect your hands. Check out our guide to choosing between nitrile or PVC gloves if you’re unsure about what type is best for you. Adhesives are another necessity when working on large-scale projects like renovations or building new structures; selecting an adhesive that is easy to use but holds well under pressure is key.

Dupont is a trusted brand that produces many products. Dupont products include acrylics and adhesives, personal protective equipment (PPE), high-performance materials such as fiberglass and specialty plastics, and electronic and communications cables and assemblies. If you’re looking for high-quality materials at competitive prices, look no further than Dupont. You can also benefit from qualified technical assistance to ensure that your finished product meets your specific needs and specifications.

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