Waterproofing has been a significant part of EPRO’s business. It remains a key focus as they expand product offering and reach. The company’s coatings and sealants help protect buildings from water intrusion, corrosion, and mold growth. Specifically formulated for various applications – from tools to marine vessels – EPRO products can be found across many industries. EPRO recently launched a specialized solar power coating system designed to keep solar panels clean while preventing corrosion or rust.

About Epro Products

These days it’s a lot easier just to fix a leaky roof than it is to replace it entirely. That’s because there are so many options available when it comes to repairing and restoring worn-out roofs. One of these options is roof coating—but there are so many different kinds out there; how do you know which one is right for your home?

It’s not like other forms of home improvement that we’re aware of and can see firsthand (new countertops, freshly painted walls). Sure, you may notice an odd smell every once in a while or hear your ceiling leaking for a little while before realizing there’s a problem; it’s unlikely you’ll be thinking about your waterproofing as you go about your daily life. Coatings and sealants can be used to protect an existing roof from damage and extend its lifespan by preventing water from penetrating the building materials underneath it. A good coating should also enhance energy efficiency and reduce energy costs by keeping air conditioning and heating inside longer than they would otherwise remain.

If you choose Epro, you don’t have to worry about your building being damaged by leaks. That’s because Epro coating and sealant solutions are designed to protect both above-ground and below-ground assets from moisture damage. You also don’t have to worry about downtime caused by flooding or your property being ruined when water hits electrical equipment. In short, choosing Epro is choosing peace of mind. And the peace of mind can mean a lot when it comes to protecting your business from water damage.

Get Epro Products at Metro Sealant

If you’re looking for coatings and sealing systems to solve your problems, Metro Sealant is here to help. Whether you need products such as surface preparation agents, primer solutions, or polyurethane systems, we’ll be able to provide them all in one place. We also offer a wide range of insulation products so we can help insulate and protect your property from water and dampness.

Our technicians are highly skilled and certified to ensure that they perform our work to professional standards. Our employees go through an extensive training program to ensure they know how to apply Epro products like Nurocote 700 Series Urethane correctly. We take pride in providing fast service to all of our customers at affordable prices.

Why Choose Metro Sealant?

If you’re building a new home or business—or even if you’re simply dealing with issues like leaks and moisture problems—you want experts who can help you protect your most valuable assets. Metro Sealant Systems is one of those experts. We deal exclusively in coatings and sealants, which means we know our products inside and out. Even more importantly, we make it our mission to serve your best interests above all else. Our goal is to meet all of your waterproofing, coating, and sealing needs for as long as you need us.

To learn more about our high-quality and competitively priced Epro products for all your waterproofing, sealant, and product restoration projects, contact us at Metro Sealant today.