Affiliated Manufacturers

Established in 1989, MetroSealant is a family-run and operated business. By working with the best brands in the industry, we have been able to provide our customers with the newest product advances available in today’s market. Utilizing our wide connection with various top manufacturers, we at MetroSealant pride ourselves on being able to deliver the best priced, most effective and unsurpassed products to our customers. The following are just a number of manufacturers that we are affiliated with.

About Our Manufacturers

  • 3M: A household name at this juncture, 3M is one of the leading lights when it comes to fabricating, assembling, or processing anything around the world. 3M will keep coming up with solutions to keep your home and business running smoothly.
  • Boss Gloves: With more than a century of experience, Boss’s Gloves are widely recognized as the go to option when it comes to safety, with products ranging to suit hobbyists and industrial workers alike.
  • Master Builders Solutions: An undoubted beacon in the field, their commitment to innovation and development is what keep them ahead of the game even after century being in business.
  • Backer Rod Manufacturing Inc: Not content with being an industry leader in their own right, Backer has also become one of frontrunners in foam products through their affiliate Bay Foam Products Inc.
  • ChemMasters: Utilizing their comprehensive knowledge when it comes concrete and with a dedicated onsite team for research, they have emerged as the definitive name when it comes to high performing and trusted names in concrete chemicals.
  • Cortec®Corporation: Innovation will always be the term associated with Cortec, and coupled with their steadfastness to being environmentally aware, they will lead the way in the days to come.
  • Euclid Chemical: A worldwide industry proponent, Eulcid Chemical set themselves apart by not being afraid to innovate. With their team of experts, a working relationship has never been easier.
  • Xypex Chemical Corporation: With their proprietary crystalline waterproofing technology which has seen them become the go to guys when it comes to waterproofing, enhancing and protecting concrete on either side of the hemisphere for over 50 years.
  • GE Silicones: A brand that has become synonymous with success, GE Silicones have emerged as torchbearers for silicone in construction. Their coatings and sealants are known for extending the longevity and performance of buildings across the globe.

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By engaging MetroSealant, you, as our client can be sure to get the best prices from our many manufacturing partners and optimal technical and sales support from our dedicated team. With our four stocked warehouses across the United States, our clients can rest easy knowing that their orders will always be met and filled. The time to act is now, and we are excited to welcome you to the family.

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