With over 3 decades of experience in the industry, MetroSealant has grown from a family run operation to one of the frontrunners when it comes meeting the demands of their clients for all their restoration, sealant and waterproofing needs. The vast array of partnerships with the leading manufacturers allows our patrons to make the best and most informed decisions when it comes to, in this case, their mixer purchases.

About Mixers in Waterproofing, Sealant and Product Restoration Works

Never an afterthought, a mixer is a key component when you are embarking on your waterproofing, sealing and restoration works. Mixers are play a versatile role in your waterproofing, sealant and restoration undertakings. From adhesives to waterproofing materials, we at MetroSealant, are able to meet and even exceed the needs of our discerning customers.

Different Uses of Mixers in Waterproofing, Sealant and Product Restoration Works

Mixing is the first step in the process to prepare almost all adhesives and it results in a previously more viscous material to be more pliable and a user friendly for use in projects. Be it the homogenization of adhesive emulsions right down to the dissolution of polymers into solvents; you can be assured that in MetroSealant, we have the tools to meet your every need, so you need not fret about the mastication and overall processing efficiency and quality.

One of the biggest uses of mixers include the stirring of low viscosity miscible fluids to result in the dispersion of high viscosity dissimilar materials.

Mixers are capable of not only creating materials that range from silicone sealants, but they are also able to create elastomeric resin waterproofing solutions. The right choice of equipment will play a huge part in getting the best results in the process and will not only ease the workload but will help your projects get the ideal results. All the while, be safe in the knowledge that with MetroSealant, we are with you at every step of the way.

Get High-Quality Mixers at MetroSealant

With our presence and experience in both the market and industry, there should not be any doubt from you, our customers that we can be your one stop solution to meet all your mixing needs. From power driven mud mixers when you need that little extra punch to our sealant mixing paddles, you can be assured that you will get the best product for the job, all the time, every time.

With our fully loaded warehouses located in four different locales in the United States, we can better serve your needs for our products. Couple that with our top-notch technical support and dedicated sales team, you can be assured that we will offer you the best prices and product knowledge, so you, our valued customers can make the best and most informed decisions when deciding to come onboard and be a part of our family.

To find out more about the different types of mixers for all your waterproofing, sealant and product restoration projects, contact us at MetroSealant today.