Tnemec, Inc. is a technology-driven, performance-based manufacturer of specialty coatings and materials to industry and government. Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Tnemec is wholly owned by The Sherwin-Williams Company (NYSE: SHW). As a brand of The Sherwin-Williams Company, Tnemec’s sealers and paints are backed by one of America’s most established brands. With decades of product innovation on behalf of our customers spanning multiple industries, we offer our broad portfolio to help solve difficult coating challenges across numerous market segments. Our technical experts can help you identify what product will provide the superior performance that your specific application requires.

About Tnemec Products

Sealers and paint are protective coatings applied to different surfaces. Sealers protect an existing surface, preventing it from being damaged or ruined by liquids or chemicals. Sealers may also give surfaces a glossy finish. Paint is used on surfaces that need to be colored, sealed, waterproofed, or treated in some other way. Coating can be done with paints of several types: polyurethane, acrylics, and epoxy resin.

Whether you’re building a home or office space, quality coatings and paint are an important part of ensuring your new space will stand up to time. Whether it’s preventing water damage in your kitchen or preventing mold in your bathroom, it’s important to select coatings and paints with care. While many people believe they can save money by going with less expensive products, which often leads to costly renovations down the road. Tnemec offers high-quality coatings whether you need roofing sealers or exterior trim paint; we have options that will last for years and add value to your home.

Tnemec is a significant supplier of coatings and sealers to protect structural steel against corrosion and other environmental damage. The company offers a full range of topcoats and undercoats, including epoxy-based paints, powder coatings, and shotcrete. Tnemec also provides thermal insulation systems for commercial and residential buildings as well as structural steel insulation systems.

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