Sikacrete 211: One Component Concrete Mix


Pre-packaged factory-blended formulation containing coarse aggregates:
▪ Eliminates the need to extend material in the field and Eliminates the risk of extending with reactive aggregate
▪ High bond strength Compatible with the typical coefficient of thermal expansion of concrete
▪ Increased resistance to deicing salts
▪ Simple-to-use, labor-saving system
▪ Easily mixed with clean water
▪ Good freeze/thaw resistance Easily applied to a clean, sound and properly prepared substrate
▪ Maximum size aggregate included: typical 3/8 inch (10mm)

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Sikacrete 211: One Component Concrete Mix

Sikacrete 211 is a one-component, Portland-cement concrete containing factory blended coarse aggregates. ▪ Full depth concrete repairs. Questions about Sikacrete 211? Contact Us.
▪ On grade, above grade, and below grade concrete Horizontal surfaces (e.g. for spall repairs on flat work, or as an overlay)
▪ Vertical and overhead surfaces when formed and poured, or formed and pumped with a concrete pump
▪ Structural repair material for parking facilities, industrial plants, walkways, bridges, tunnels, dams, abutments, floors and balconies
▪ Filler for voids and cavities Repair of substrates such as concrete, mortar, and masonry

Surfaces must be clean and sound. Remove all deteriorated concrete, dirt, dust, oil, grease, contaminants and other bond-inhibiting materials from the area to be repaired.
▪ Be sure the repair area is not less than 1 inch (25 mm) in depth.
▪ Preparation work should be done by high pressure water blasting, scabbling, or other appropriate mechanical means. Obtain an exposed aggregate surface with a minimum surface profile of ±1/8 inch (3mm) [ICRI CSP-6 to CSP-7] on clean, sound concrete.
▪ To ensure optimum repair results, the effectiveness of decontamination and substrate preparation can be assessed by a Pull-Off test (i.e. a Tensile Adhesion test per ASTM C 1583).
▪ Saw cutting the perimeter edges of the repair area is recommended, preferably cut at a dovetail angle..
▪ Substrate should be saturated surface dry (SSD) with clean water prior to application. No standing water should remain during application.

Ensure substrate is properly prepared and saturated surface dry (SSD) before application. Ensure good intimate contact with the substrate is achieved either through a bonding agent or a scrub coat application, or other suitable means such as vibration of the material or pumping under pressure.

Prime the prepared substrates with a brush or spray applied coat of Sika® Armatec® or Sikadur® bonding agent products (consult applicable current Product Data Sheets).

Alternately in lieu of a bonding agent, a scrub coat of Sikacrete®-211 can be applied to the substrate. While the scrub coat is still wet, place the remaining thickness of Sikacrete®-211 needed to complete the repair.
▪ If a bonding agent or a scrub coat of Sikacrete®-211 are not possible, other suitable means should be employed
such as vibration of the material or pumping under pressure to ensure good intimate contact with the prepared substrate is achieved.


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