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Sika Epoxy Selection Guide


Sika Epoxy Selection Guide

When it comes to versatility and durability, there are few adhesives that are as effective as epoxy adhesives. Their broad range of applications means that they are in use in metalworks, construction, woodworks, and other places

The range of Sika Epoxy adhesives is one of the most trusted epoxy brands in the United States. We are going to take you through the basics of epoxies including what they are and the different types of Sika epoxy adhesives.


About Sika

Sika was founded in 1910 when a swiss entrepreneur named kaspar winkler invented a waterproofing admixture that had quick-setting properties. named sika-1, this admixture quickly became popular in the market. among the notable construction sites where it was initially used was the gotthard tunnel which was managed by the swiss rail company. this important tunnel acts as a vital link that connects southern and northern europe.

Building on this success, sika has gone on to be a renowned brand with a wide range of products for the construction industry, metal works, and many other industrial processes. the company also has subsidiaries and branches all across the globe to better serve its customers.

Types Of Sika Epoxy Products


Low Viscosity Epoxy Injection Adhesives are used in various processes such as masonry, woodworks and so much more. Given the fact that this type of adhesive has low viscosity, it is ideal for sealing cracks, whether they are on damp or dry surfaces. Its special formula is designed to offer maximum protection to surfaces as well as ensure better wearability. For the best results, ensure that any surface that you want to apply this adhesive to is clean and sound. It may be damp but it should be free of any standing water. Cleaning may be done through abrasive blasting depending on the kind of surface. Ensure that coverage is as uniform as possible for best results.

This self-leveling epoxy adhesive is formulated to work on non-moving, horizontal cracks and joints. Before applying this adhesive to any surface, you should ensure that the surface is clean and dry. This means removing contaminants such as curing compounds, dust, waxes, and similar compounds. One must make sure that the surface is completely level and any projections are leveled down. When it comes to application, one should slowly pour the adhesive mixture into the crack or use a low-pressure extrusion tool.

This epoxy adhesive is designed to be moisture-proof, high strength, and is 100% solid. It is designed to be used in areas such as masonry, woodwork, metalwork, and concrete work. Specifically, it can be used to seal areas around windows, overhead concrete repairs, and much more. Any surface that is to be treated with this epoxy adhesive must be clean and dry for best results.

When it comes to low-modulus epoxy resin binders, you get adhesive compounds that are moisture tolerant and are used in masonry and other construction processes. These adhesives are great for overlays and patching work. Surfaces to be treated with this adhesive must be dry and clean. Steel surfaces must be blasted to achieve a white metal finish before this adhesive can be applied.

For best results, this type of adhesive epoxy should be applied on surfaces that are clean and structurally sound. Surfaces to be treated can be moist but must be free of frost and standing water. The adhesive is effective on materials such as wood, steel, masonry, and concrete.

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