STI Learning Center

At the STI Learning Center, we offer a range of courses that are aimed at helping people gain greater knowledge of fire-stopping products. Our training comes in three formats and participants can choose which of the three works for them.

You have the option of taking our online courses, which is great for those looking to learn from home. Students can also choose to learn through our live webinar with topics taught being made accessible in case one misses a particular live webinar. Finally, participants can also opt to take our live training session where they can freely interact with our tutors.


About STI

STI is the industry leader in the creation of innovative fire protection systems aimed at curbing the spread of smoke, fire, and hot gases. STI has formed partnerships with the construction industry for over three decades to come up with straightforward fixes to complicated problems in fire stopping.

STI focuses on innovative, environmentally responsible, and high-quality products for many different types of retrofit and construction applications.


STI Learning Center

STI Learning Center offers a wide range of resources for engineers, architects, building owners, and other construction professionals to learn about the power of STI’s fire-stopping products. If you are interested to learn more about how to incorporate STI’s range of products into your fire safety system, you have come to the right place.

Why Choose Metro Sealant?

Metro Sealant was founded in 1989 and is a family-operated and owned business. Metro Sealant has relationships with the top manufacturers of the industry. This allows us to offer the finest product innovations to our customers. We ensure timely delivery of all your restoration, sealant, and waterproofing needs in Richmond, Baltimore, Washington, and Virginia Beach areas. With a fully staffed team at each location, we are able to provide not only technical support but also affordable prices.

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