Virginia Beach 

 The expansive warehouse of a prominent sealant company, filled with neatly stacked shelves of various high-quality sealants. The space is well-lit and organized, indicative of the company's commitment to efficient operations and customer satisfaction.
Metro Sealant: Virginia Beach Location

Virginia Beach

  • 1445 Miller Store Rd
  • Virginia Beach VA 23455
  • Phone: 757-347-8963
  • Fax: 757-395-4523
  • Hours: Monday-Friday 7am – 4pm

Norfolk Waterproofing

As a Norfolk waterproofing contractor, you need the best materials you can get. In a high-stakes environment, you need to get the job done properly – a mediocre delivery risks driving away customers and losing business.

That’s why here at Metro Sealant, we provide exactly what you need: the very best. Established in 1989, we have three generations of experience and successful, well-stocked shops at three locations. Whatever it is you’re after, we’ll see what we can do.

We offer specialty construction products for both commercial and residential applications. Whether you want project materials for retail, office or hospitality purposes– or anything in between – we can help you along the way.

Our amazing in-store sales team in Norfolk will help you find the materials you need, and our fully trained customer support staff will guide you through your project, no matter how complex. All our staff used to work with the manufacturers of our products, so calling them experts is no exaggeration.

Once you know what you need for your project, we’ll go out of our way to make it as easy as possible. For all our customers purchasing materials for caulking, park deck coatings or similar ventures, we carry out field adhesion tests after you finish the job to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Another perk of buying from us is free delivery. If you’re based in the Norfolk area and make a high-value sale ($500 dollars or more), we’ll send your order directly to your door – just contact us to make arrangements.

Our product range includes everything from commercial-grade waterproofing coatings in various colors to application and safety equipment. For the full selection, browse our product range. You can even watch our do-it-yourself videos to check you know how to use everything correctly – invaluable for independent projects.