HydroClean HT-477 Concrete Cleaner


  • Removes both organic & inorganic contaminants from interior & exterior concrete substrates.
  • 150 to 200 sq/ft per gallon

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HydroClean HT-477 Concrete Cleaner

HydroClean HT-477 CONCRETE CLEANER is a acid base cleaner that will clean organic and inorganic soils from vertical or horizontal, interior or exterior, pre-caste or poured in place concrete substrates. It is safe, biodegradable and easy to use. Once cleaned the surface will be left evenly cleaned with a light etch and be ready to receive any type of sealer or coating. Questions about HydroClean HT-477? Contact us

Although HT-477 can be cut with water, best results will be obtained by using the product straight. It is not necessary to pre-wet the surface before using. Apply product with calcimine brushes and stainless steel or polyethylene spray equipment. Do not use steel or aluminum pumps or garden sprayers. Allow HT-477 to remain on the surface for fifteen to thirty minutes, then rinse with high pressure water (3-5 GPM and 1500-1800 PSI). Under certain conditions some agitation by hand may be necessary. For floors or decking that have a heavy build up of grease and / or oil, use HYDROCLEAN’S HT-504 GREASE & OIL EMULSIFIER or HYDROCLEAN’S HT-40 SUPER CONCENTRATE CLEANER & DEGREASER as a precleaner. For heavily carboned exterior concrete walls use HYDROCLEAN’S HT-704X HEAVY DUTY LIMESTONE & MARBLE PRECLEANER or HYDROCLEAN’S HT-716 HEAVY DUTY PAINT REMOVER as an alkaline precleaner.

HYDROCLEAN’S HT-477 will not etch glass and special masking is not required. While it will not damage most sound paint surfaces, a small patch test on any surface with which the product is likely to come in contact is recommended. Normal precautions should be taken to prevent the product form being sprayed directly on painted surfaces. It may be reactive with certain types of anodized aluminum. Once again, a small patch test should be made. HT-477 CONCRETE CLEANER has other applications. Check with the manufacturer or your local distributer.

Take all normal safety precautions to prevent the product or the effluent from being sprayed on vehicles or persons near the work site. Do not use on limestone or marble substrates. Even when using only water, use caution to avoid overspray which could cause “clean spots” on adjacent substrates.

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