Hydroclean HT-80 Adhesive Remover


  • Citrus solvent cleaner used for the removal of mastics, tars & other glues.
  • 80 to 100 sq/ft per gallon

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HydroClean HT-80 is one of a series of products by HydroClean that use the extract of citrus fruits to create solvency for cleaning. It is a food grade material that is completely biodegradable and completely safe for most applications. This product is used to dissolve solvent based adhesives such as floor tile glue or adhesives from signs. HydroClean HT-80 has an orange smell that will leave the treated area with a mild citrus after odor. Questions? Contact us

HT-80 should be used full strength. Do not cut with water or any other solvent. Apply to the effected area with a brush, mop, spray or squeegee. The heavier the adhesive buildup, the more HT-80 should be applied. Let the product soak for 15 to 20 minutes then spray the entire area lightly with water (mist). The effluent can then be easily cleaned up using a wet vacuum, mop or squeegee. Extremely heavy adhesive buildups may require a second application, however one application will be adequate for most jobs. Field testing or consulting with the manufacturer’s representative will determine the best procedure. Prior to the installation of any new flooring, it may be necessary to wash the surface with HYDROCLEAN’S HT-40 SUPER CONCENTRATE CLEANER DEGREASER.

Although HT-80 will not damage glass, aluminum and most sound paint coatings, its extreme solvency may react with other materials. Normal safety precautions should be taken to prevent the product or the effluent from being in contact with vehicles or persons near the work site.

HT-80 is combustible – Keep all electrical connections clear of coated areas.

Always have a Class B Fire Extinguisher available.

HT-80 is a new product and because of its solvency will have many other applications. Consult with Hydroclean’S representative for additional uses for this and other products in the Hydroclean line.



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