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Prosoco Sure Klean Vana Trol is acid concentrate masonry cleaner made for surfaces that suffer from vanadium, manganese and other metallic stains. Vana Trol was designed for ease-of-use to allow for a simple clean and rinse process. It also helps reduce the likelihood of efflorescence, or in other words, the buildup of salt deposits on the surface it is used on.


  • Clings to masonry surfaces and softens excess mortar and job dirt.
  • Convenient concentrate form for easy on-site dilution.
  • Slow-drying formula ensures streak-free rinsing.
  • Controls green vanadium and brown manganese staining on color-sensitive brick and tile.
  • Removes efflorescence on new brick, concrete block, and stone construction.
  • Vana Trol is safe for most unpolished natural stone or cast stone.
  • Suitable for use with colored mortar.


  • Repeated applications may leave a detergent residue, so it is recommended to prewet, rinse thoroughly, and not exceed two applications.
  • May cause color loss on Thin Brick or Concrete Brick, and testing is advised before overall application.
  • Vana Troll is not effective for atmospheric dirt and black carbon stains, which require the appropriate Sure Klean® restoration cleaner.
  • May damage treated low-E glass, acrylic and polycarbonate sheet glazing, and surfaces with reflective, metallic, or synthetic coatings and films. Prior testing is essential, and suitable protection must be provided if adverse effects are identified.

With Prosoco Sure Klean Vana Trol, you can expect exceptional performance and an easy-to-use effective cleaner for new masonry surfaces. Please read the full label and Safety Data Sheet for precautionary instructions, and always use appropriate safety equipment during application and handling.

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