SealBoss R70 Pump Flush


  • Less damaging to rubber and plastic than solvents
  • Does not classify as a solvent
  • Non-flammable
  • Cleans pumps of adhesives and grout buildup
  • Less expensive than rebuilding clogged injection machine


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SealBoss R70 Pump Flush and Cleaner: The Safe and Efficient Solution for Equipment Maintenance
Discover the advantages of SealBoss R70 Pump Flush and Cleaner, a non-solvent, 100% solvent-free, and non-flammable alternative that ensures the optimal performance and safety of your pumping equipment. With no hazard class for shipping, it surpasses traditional solvents on the jobsite, making it a reliable choice for health-conscious applications.
– Non-aggressive towards rubber and plastic parts, safeguarding the pumping equipment.
– Nondrying properties act as a lubricant, enhancing equipment efficiency.
– Avoid costly or impossible pump rebuilds by adhering to proper cleaning procedures.
– Prolong equipment lifespan by frequently and thoroughly cleaning the machine.
– Never pump water with your grout injection pump and avoid leaving material in the pump for extended periods.
– Replace worn pump parts and hoses early to prevent accidents and ensure safety.
– A three-step cleaning process ensures efficient and thorough maintenance.
Three-Step Cleaning Process:
Step One – Purge:
– Purge the system of the injection material used.
Step Two – Flush:
– Use a small amount of solvent (only if compliant with applicable regulations) to clear residual material.
– Follow instructions carefully as solvents may damage pump seals, gaskets, and hoses.
– After the initial purge, use SealBoss R70 Pump Flush and Cleaner to remove any remaining solvents and product. Discard the liquid and do not re-circulate at this stage.
Step Three – Re-Circulate:
– Once the majority of grout has been purged and flushed, use SealBoss R70 Pump Flush and Cleaner for at least five minutes at a higher pressure setting, re-circulating the product.
– Open and close the shut-off valve several times quickly to build up pressure and facilitate high-velocity flow of the cleaning liquid.
– This process conditions gaskets, hose interiors, and more, extending the lifespan of your equipment.
– You can retain a residual amount of clean R70 Pump Flush and Cleaner in the system as a lubricant.
Note: These are general guidelines assuming the use of SealBoss Corp products. Comply with legal requirements when discarding liquids and avoid pollution.
Trust SealBoss R70 Pump Flush and Cleaner for safe and effective equipment maintenance. Keep your workplace and equipment in top condition, ensuring a productive and secure environment for all.
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