Neogard 7760/7761 : Peda-Gard Epoxy Polyamide Primer


Recommended use: 7760/7761 is applied on wood, concrete, and metal surfaces prior to application of surface-applied waterproofing systems.
Availability: Available in North America. Not included in Group Assortment; other regions must confirm.

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Neogard 7760/7761 (Hempel 25100) is a is a two-component epoxy polyamide primer. Questions about Neogard 7760/7761? Contact Us.

Version, mixed product 25100
Mixing ratio: Base 25109 : Curing Agent 95054 1 : 1 by volume
Mixing instructions: Pre-mix base for 3–5 minutes before adding curing agent. Mix for a minimum of 5 minutes before applying. Jiffy Mixer paddle recommended.
Application method: Roller or spray (contact Neogard for spray equipment information)
Thinner (max.vol.): HEMPEL’S THINNER 08080 (xylene) (10%)
Pot life: 3–4 hours at 75°F/23°C
Recoat time: 90 minutes @ 75°F (23°C) and 50% relative humidity
Cleaning of tools: HEMPEL’S THINNER 08080 (xylene)

Safety: Handle with care. Before and during use, observe all safety labels on packaging and paint containers, consult Neogard Safety Data Sheets and follow all local or national safety regulations.

Surface preparation: According to Neogard Guide Specifications.

Application conditions: According to Neogard Guide Specifications.

Subsequent coat: According to Neogard Guide Specifications.



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