Qualipur 152 : Qualipur Primer Part A&B 3 Gal. Unit


  • Low VOC
  •  No flammability concern
  •  Solvent-free
  •  Quick cure time
  •  Primer on-grade
  •  Easy application
  •  Optimal penetration
  •  Outstanding bond strength

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Qualipur 152 is a 2-component, solvent-free, low viscosity, polyurethane primer. It cures using chemical cross-linking to produce a thin mil primer with excellent abrasion characteristics for long term wear protection. Qualipur 152 has good resistance to many chemical compounds. Superior adhesion properties of Qualipur 152 make it an ideal primer for many substrates. Basic Uses: Being a solvent-free product, Qualipur 152 can be used to prime both interior and exterior substrates without noxious odor. Questions? Contact Us.

Surface Preparation: Surfaces receiving an application of Qualipur 152 must be clean, sound, dry, and free of oils and other bond inhibiting contaminants. Prior to applying Qualipur 152 to the concrete, use of mechanical methods such as shot blasting or sandblasting are recommended to produce a clean and lightly textured surface. Primed surfaces should be coated within 24 hours. Concrete shall be tested for moisture, per ASTM F1869 Calcium Chloride, to verify 3 lbs per 1,000 ft2 limit.

Mixing: Empty the entire contents of component “B” into component “A”. Mixing is accomplished by using a jiffy paddle and low speed drill (400 to 600 rpm) so as not to incorporate excessive air into the product. Mix components for 2 minutes in provided pail. Scrape down sides of pail and mix for an additional 1.5 minutes before proceeding with application.

Application: On Concrete – to apply as a primer, use a high quality roller, brush, squeegee, or airless spray unit and apply a uniform film of 4 wet mils. Allow to cure for 4 to 6 hours before proceeding with application.

On Asphalt – to apply as a primer, use a high quality roller, brush, squeegee, or airless spray unit and apply a uniform film of 7 wet mils. Allow the primer to cure for 3 to 4 hours before proceeding with application.

Minimum application temperature is 40°F and rising. Do not apply over damp or wet substrates. Do not apply to surfaces with active moisture vapor transmission. Conduct an adhesion test prior to use on asphalt substrates.


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