Termination Bar TB-75 10′: 1″ X 10′



  • 1″x 10′
  • Cost effective/ Ready to use, pre-fabricated.
  • Will not rust/ Non-corrosive.
  • Adapts to irregular building walls/ Made of high strength, special plastic.
  • Provides trough for master beads or caulks/ Trapezoidal design.
  • Anchors a variety of material widths/ Predrilled holes every 6 inch (152.4 mm).
  • Professional appearance/ Provides neat looking terminations.

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Termination Bar TB-75 10′: 1″ X 10′

Termination Bar TRUFAST .075″ Thick Termination Bar of 1″ wide and 10′ long is intended for use for vertical parapet wall or edge terminations. Termination Bar is used on a sheet membrane to terminate where it ends.  Run caulk on the top to prevent water from entering behind the sheet of membrane. Questions? Contact us

Term bar is a professional, preformed, multi-purpose way to attach a wide variety of  flashing systems, drainage boards and construction waterproofing.

Term bar is a plastic, high strength strip intended to support vertical membrane systems at their termination point. It will not rust, is non-conductive and is ultraviolet resistant for additional jobsite safety. For easy installation, each 10′ (3 m) strip comes with predrilled holes.

Term bar provides an excellent, professional looking solution for drainage board systems when backfilling operations may be late and/or below-grade waterproofing membranes for top terminations. The extra flexibility of predrilled holes every 6″ (152.4 mm) allows cavity wall flashing materials to be properly installed with confidence. Its trapezoidal, unique design provides a reservoir for mastics/caulks at the top termination.

Install term bar at the top edge of the material to be supported. If a sealant material is to be used at the highest point of the termination, form a reservoir for the sealant material by placing the narrow side of the trapezoidal design against the wall.  Term bar is easily scored and cut to match field dimensions. When necessary, use predrilled holes with appropriate power-actuated or mechanical fasteners