Sika Color Charts

Sika Color Charts are designed to help professionals select their Sealant Color from a range of options that are available. Sika is the manufacturer of Sikaflex, a highly versatile sealing compound and adhesive. the product meets the required standards for both outdoor and indoor use.

For years, construction experts have relied on the superior protection offered by Sika Products. With The Sika Color Chart, you can now give your concrete works the finish that it deserves. You’ll Get excellent waterproofing results and a high-quality finish that sets your project apart from the rest. You can count on a product that meets your expectations.


About Sika

Sika Corporation, based in Lyndhurst, nj, was established in 1937 and is a leading supplier of specialty chemical products and industrial materials serving construction and industrial markets. focusing on sealing, bonding, damping, reinforcing and protecting, Sika’s product lines include roofing, concrete admixtures, specialty mortars, epoxies, structural strengthening systems, industrial flooring, sealants, adhesives, specialty acoustic, reinforcing materials and more.

Sika’s Products are used all over the us, playing a pivotal role in every part of our daily lives. They have achieved constant growth over the years due to their customer-first approach to their daily operations, and remain one of the most established titans in the industry.


Sika Color Charts

Color Charts are used as a guide in selecting the right color for your building projects. with advancements in technology allowing sealant producers to create a wide range of products in a diverse range of colors, color charts allow us to pick the respective colored products for our respective needs. Take note of the codes for each respective color and hue, and select the sealant shade that is most appropriate for your needs.

With a wide range of offerings for color charts with the Sikaflex 1a color chart, Sikaflex 15lm color chart, Sikaflex 2c color chart, Sikaflex one-component color chart, Sikagard Flexcoat ATC color chart, Sikalastic Roofpro top coat color chart and Sikalastic traffic systems standard top coat color chart just to name a few, sika is equipped with all the colors and products to suit your needs and project specifications.

Why Choose Metro Sealant?

Metro Sealant was established in 1989 as a family-owned and operated business partnering with industry leaders. To guarantee the quality of our customer’s respective building projects, we ensure they are provided with the best products available on the market. Our four locations in Washington, Baltimore, Richmond, and Virginia Beach are fully stocked and we ship our orders promptly. Metro Sealant can meet all your sealant, waterproofing, and restoration product needs in a timely manner. “We deliver, more than just materials” by providing competitive pricing and technical support that you won’t find elsewhere, with a fully staffed sales team at each location.

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