Easy Steps To Caulk Around An Exterior Light Fixture

You will be an expert at caulking if you have ever written greetings on a birthday cake using a frosting tube for that personal message to a friend or family member. Even if you have never caulked before, you will probably appreciate it because it is a simple task with benefits that are easy to appreciate. Caulking an exterior light fixture will prevent water from endangering the components, which is the main advantage. Additionally, you will prevent dust and insects from accessing the light. For this task, choose silicone caulk because it resists water and will not fracture, crumble, or shrink.

Caulking an Exterior Light Fixture

Caulking is a simple task that you can easily complete on your own within mere minutes. With the right type of caulk and proper techniques, you can almost guarantee that you will achieve the desired results. Here, we have put together a series of steps that you can follow for a fuss-free caulking experience.


Use a moist towel to clean the area of the light fixture. Similar to paint, caulk works best when applied to a spotless surface.

Set Up a Work Area

The outdoor light should be the center of your workspace. For spills of caulk that can occur accidentally, spread out an old blanket or drop cloth. If necessary, climb a step ladder to have a better view of your work area and to avoid straining yourself to get there. To clean up caulk blobs, keep some paper towels available. To direct loose caulk back into its proper position, use a utility knife. Add water to a basin so you may smooth the caulk by dipping your finger in it.

Cut Up Tube

Using a strong pair of scissors or a utility knife, cut the caulk tube‘s top open. Cut a 45-degree angle into the opening.

Locate the Spot

The tiny space where the lamp contacts the mounting board or backplate is where you want to spread the caulk. Apply the caulk starting at the top of the exterior light, moving downward. One even stream of caulk should be applied. Use the utility knife to push the caulk back into position if you stray from your intended path.

Caulk Other Side

Squeezing the caulk tube as you go, caulk the opposite side of the light fixture from top to bottom. While caulking the top and bottom of the light fixture, leave a tiny gap along the bottom so that any moisture inside the fixture can drain.

Smooth Out Caulk

Smooth out the caulk by dipping your finger into the water in the basin. As you move around the light, gently press down on the caulk. This step will give a finished appearance by ensuring that the caulk fills the space between the lamp and the mounting board or backplate.

Clean Up

Caulk spills should be cleaned up. Give the caulking around your light fixture enough time to cure according to the instructions on the caulk tube.