Experts Explain: Different Types of Backer Rods & Applications

If you work in contracting or are a DIY handyman yourself, you’ve likely come into contact with backer rods for gaps and joints. However, their uses can be slightly complicated and it can be difficult to determine what type of backer rod is right for your application. That’s why the team from Metro Sealant has gathered some in-depth information for you here.

What Exactly is a Backer Rod?

Often used to fill or add support to joints or cracks, as well as control the amount of sealant used during the building process, backer rods are made from foam and are round and flexible. Their flexibility makes them easy to use and versatile, especially when being squeezed into a tight place. One of the leading benefits of using backer rods for gaps and joints is it creates a “bond-breaker,” meaning any gaps or joints can be cleaned out and re-caulked periodically as needed. They also offer elasticity in the joint sealant and reduce the need for excess caulk by minimizing the depth that needs to be sealed.

Some of the most common uses of backer rods include:

  • Glazing installation
  • Curtain wall joints
  • Partitions
  • Log construction
  • Pavement repairs
  • & more

The Three Main Types of Backer Rods  

There are three different types of backer rods, they are:

  • Closed-Cell: This type of backer rod is unique because the walls of the material are closed, meaning they won’t be affected by moisture, making it perfect for damper areas or places that will come into direct contact with water.
  • Open Cell: Open-cell backer rod is designed to be easily compressed then return to its original state to restrict air movement where it’s installed. It’s best for applications that require a tight fit and need to conform perfectly to the area that will eventually be caulked over.
  • Bi-Cellular: This type of backer rod is sort of a combination of both the ones mentioned above because it offers a closed-cell outer layer to restrict moisture, but still provides high compressibility, making it perfect for tight spots that will still have contact with moisture.

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