Electric Bulk Gun : Albion DL-59-T17E


Barrel Diameter 2″
Barrel Type Steel
Capacity 30 oz
Drive Cordless
Mix Ratio
Nozzle Type Orange Cones
Pressure (PSI) 300
Special Applications
Thrust (Lb-f) 950


  • Rotating 30oz (18″ long) steel barrel for convenience and durability
  • Threaded steel front cap
  • Double set of oiled leather pistons stiffened by a trio of steel washers for reliable suction during loading and dispensing.
  • For Piston Replacement 47-7 kit
  • Standard with 3 Orange Cone Nozles 235-3
  • NEW – Now Includes:
  • (1) 966-1 Nozzle Adapter  (will hold most 32 series metal nozzles)
  • (1) 32-55 1/2″ ID metal nozzle (excellent wear resistance when working on abrasive surfaces)

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Additional information

Weight 8 kg


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