HB 200LR: Masterseal Reflective Coating


• High light reflectivity enhances the security of garages and increases lighting efficiency
• Airless spray application speeds production and reduces turnaround time
• Excellent adhesion, bonds securely to substrate for long-term durability
• Excellent color retention; maintains brightness without fading over time
• Freeze/thaw resistant, suitable for cold climates
• Low VOC content for broad compliance across all regions
• Water based formula has low odor
• No dirt pick-up to maintain attractive appearance
• One-coat coverage lowers labor and material costs and returns structures to service quickly
• Effective carbon dioxide diffusion barrier, protects embedded steel from corrosion

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HB 200LR: Masterseal Reflective Coating

HB 200LR MasterProtect is a one-coat water-based, 100% acrylic coating with high light reflectance. When used on the interior walls and ceilings of parking garages, the result is reduced energy usage and increased safety and security. Questions? Contact Us.


1.Prior to use, mix MasterProtect HB 200LR at slow speed with drill and mixing paddle to ensure uniform color dispersion and to minimize air entrapment.
2.In multi-pail applications, mix the contents of each new pail into the partially used previous pail to ensure color consistency and smooth transitions from pail to pail.

1.Apply MasterProtect HB 200LR by brush, spray, roller, or spray-and-backroll.
2.Maintain proper uniform wet-film thickness (WFT) during application to ensure the performance characteristics desired (see yield rates section).
3.Always work to a natural break and maintain a wet edge during application.
4.For uniformity of color, application techniques must be consistent throughout the project.

1.Use a quality ¾–11/4″ nap roller cover.
2.Completely saturate the roller and keep it loaded with the coating to build the required mils. Never dry roll.
3.Cross roll, maintaining a wet edge, to achieve uniform thickness. Backroll in one direction for consistent appearance.

1.Surfaces should be clean, sound and free of all bond-inhibiting contaminants.
2.Mildew and fungus must be completely removed before application of MasterProtect HB 200LR.
3.Concrete substrates should be fully cured.
4.Repair any holes, spalled and damaged concrete with appropriate Master Builders Solutions repair materials. Allow appropriate cure time prior to coating.
5.Remove any protruding concrete accessories and smooth out any surface irregularities.
6.High-pressure power wash surface (or abrasive blast on hard, dense surfaces) to create a profile of SP 3, per ICRI Guide 310.2.
7.Some stains may require chemical removal. Neutralize any cleaning compounds used and rinse with clean water 8.Check adhesion of old coatings according to ASTM D 3359, Measuring Adhesion by Tape Test Method A.
9.Remove any blisters or delaminated areas and sand edges to smooth rough areas and provide transition to old paint areas.
10.Treat cracks greater than 1 ⁄32″ with MasterProtect FL 746 or MasterProtect FL 748. Treat cracks larger than 1/4″ as expansion joints and fill with appropriate Master Builders Solutions sealant.
11.New CMU must have a base coat of MasterProtect FL 749.


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