HP Repair Mortar DOT: USCP 55Ib Bag


  • Rapid setting
  • Made with C 33 concrete sand
  • Fully cured in less than 2 hours
  • Shrinkage compensated
  • Excellent finishing characteristics
  • Tight bond to concrete structures
  • Can be extended

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HP Repair Mortar DOT: USCP 55Ib Bag

HP Repair Mortar DOT grade is a single component, high early strength repair mortar designed for use in repairing highways, bridge decks, runways, elevated concrete slabs and slabs on grade. HP Repair Mortar DOT grade combines the latest concrete technologies and high quality raw materials, including an integral corrosion inhibitor, to yield a long lasting, high strength; durable concrete repair anywhere long down times cannot be tolerated. Questions? Contact Us.

Remove all loose debris, surface laitance, paint, oil, dust or any foreign materials that would inhibit a good bond. Chip deteriorated concrete to sound, tight surface with exposed aggregate using the best possible mechanical means. All embedded steel should be cleaned to an exposed white metal condition. For added protection to reinforcing steel
from corrosion, coat all surfaces with US Bondit III (water based epoxy rebar coating/ bonding agent with corrosion inhibitor). Immediately prior to application , wet the substrate to a surface saturated dry (SSD) condition.

APPLICATION: HP Repair Mortar DOT must be scrubbed into the substrate filling all pores and voids. Force the material against the edge of the repair and work toward the center. Fill the repair area entirely, consolidate and screed. Do not layer the material.

PACKAGING: DOT Grade Repair Mortar is packaged in 55 lb (24.95 kilo) Kraft multi-wall, polyethylene lined bags. Yield when mixed with water is approximately .78 ft³ fully extended.

LIMITATIONS: DOT Grade Repair Mortar should be used when ambient temperatures are 40ºF (4ºC) and rising. Lower temperatures produce a slower set; higher temperatures produce a faster set. For temperatures below 40ºF (4ºC) consult with the manufacturer for special cold weather placement provisions included but are not limited to conditioning of the materials, use of heated mix water and thermal protection. In hot weather use chilled water for

MIXING: DOT Grade Repair Mortar should be mixed in rotary drum or other suitable mechanical mixer. Introduce measured amount of water to mixer, no more than 4 quarts per bag. If adding aggregate, add ¾ of the required water to the aggregate in an operating mixer. Add HP DOT Grade Repair Mortar to water and aggregate then add the remaining water, mixing for no more than three minutes to obtain desired consistency. Dump batch
and immediately deliver HP DOT Grade Repair Mortar mix to properly prepared substrate. When mixing HP DOT Grade Repair Mortar neat, start with no more than 3 quarts of potable water, add remaining water to achieve desired consistency.




Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 49.53 × 30.48 × 11.43 in