The Average Lifespan Of Self-Adhered Roofing

The roof is one of the most critical structures of any house. Not only does it protect the building from the elements, but it also ensures that heat is properly regulated. Without a good roofing material, heat will find its way into the house, (or lost from the house) and this makes the house very uncomfortable. Roofs also protect the structure from moisture, which in turn protects the inhabitants from the effects of excess moisture, such as mold.

Self-adhered roofs are one type of roofing material that are used out there by contractors. We are going to look at self-adhered roofing materials in more detail and, in particular, explore their average life span.

What They Are

Self Adhering Roofing or SA roofing is a type of roofing material that is made from a mixture of bitumen and different polymers. Contractors love it because it is easy to install, durable and highly effective in protecting structures. Some of the plastic polymers that are added to the roofing material help in different ways. For example, some of the added material make the roofing material more fire-resistant. This in turn enhances the safety of the people in the building, as the roof helps to slow the spread of any fire. Other added polymer increase the elasticity of the material, ensuring that it fits better.

The adhesive at the base of the membrane allows the contractor to attach the sealant directly to the structure without the need for fasteners. This makes the installation of the roof very easy and quick.


There are a number of reasons why this roofing material has gained popularity over the years. Here are some of those reasons:

Quick Installation

Since the self–adhesive roofing material does not require any fasteners, the roof installation process is relatives quick. This is great for projects that are on a deadline.

Cost Effective

related to the ease of installation is that these roofs are also very cost effective to install. Thy d not require a large crew to fix them, and also use relatively fewer materials to have them installed.

Highly Effective

Do not be fooled by the ease of installation of the self-adhering roofing materials, they are also highly effective. The polymers as well as the bitumen compounds are very effective at keeping water ad other elements out of the house. The self-adhesive effectively seals any gaps between the structure and the roof, ensuring that dust and water are also kept out of the house. The bitumen compounds are also poor conductors of heat, a factor that helps in ensuring better regulation of heat in the house.


Another reason why this roofing material is so popular is the fact that it works in many different styles of homes. The fact that the material is elastic and can be cut in many different ways means that its fits snugly in any shape or size. This offers superior roofing protection while at the same time allowing homeowners the choice of any home design that they desire.

High Durable

This will help us answer the initial question of how long you can expect the self-adhered roofing material to be effective. The answer is that this type of roof is very durable. Most of these roofing materials have a warranty that extends anywhere between 15 years and up to 40 years. This varies depending on the quality of the material, but you can expect at least a few decades of service from these kinds of roofs.