Why Should You Use Safety Goggles When Working?

Safety goggles are one of the most critical pieces of protection that you can wear in your shop or at your workbench. You never know when something might fly off your table or out of your hand, potentially causing serious injury to your eyes if it hits you directly. Here are some reasons why wearing safety goggles in the workshop or on the job site is vital to protecting yourself from serious injury.   

Protection from Chemical, Acidic or Caustic Liquids

Your eyes are especially vulnerable to contact with chemicals. When faced with prolonged exposure, even non-irritating chemicals can damage your eyes. For example, taking off your safety goggles after working with lacquer thinner, and not giving your eyes a good rinse, can leave them irritated and even cause stinging and redness. A quick rinse with cool water immediately, will help dilute any chemical residue that might have gotten into your eyes, at the same time washing away any caustic solution that might have made its way onto your face or scalp. If you’re working with potentially hazardous substances, wearing safety goggles is a must to avoid injury or long-term health problems, such as cancer, down the road.

Protection from Direct Contact with UV/IR Radiation

The nature of UV/IR radiation is that they penetrate the eyes. If unprotected, not only can it cause permanent damage to your eyesight, but it also poses a severe risk of causing cataracts. Safety glasses are designed to protect our eyes from direct contact with harmful light rays. However, they will do no good if not worn! Be sure you wear them anytime you’re working under bright lights or power tools such as table saws and belt sanders.

Protection from Molten Metal Particles

If you are working with molten metal, there is a chance it will splash particles that could damage your eyes. A pair of safety goggles can prevent such dangers. Glasses cannot do such a job because they get out of shape when hit by molten metal, and you could potentially lose your eyesight permanently. Therefore, you must use a pair of safety goggles while working with molten metal because only then can it protect your eyes and maybe even save your life.

Preventing Eye Illnesses

The most apparent reason why you should use safety goggles is to prevent eye injuries. Whether you’re sanding, cutting, or working with power tools, anything that can cause flying debris can injure your eyes if not adequately protected. Not only do safety goggles protect against flying particles like metal chips and sawdust, but they also help stop fluids like wood glue and paint from splashing into your eyes. When working with different chemicals, it’s essential to know how well your goggles will protect you before using them. Ensure both comfort and effectiveness when wearing safety goggles by choosing a style that fits comfortably on your face, without pressing on your cheeks or temples.

A final reason why safety goggles are essential is that you need them to follow Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) standards. It’s not worth getting into trouble over not wearing your safety goggles. As a bonus, wearing safety goggles allows you to see clearly, which improves your work quality. Remember, if anyone around notices that you’re working without eye protection, they might remind you or even report it to management, so that everyone can stay safe!