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Masterseal 2500 Coverage Calculator

Coverage Calculator Coverage Calculator Intended Use: InteriorExterior Expected Workload: Light-Medium Traffic-Parking StallsHeavy Duty TrafficExtra Heavy-Duty Traffic Area (sq ft): Calculate Material Requirements: *Number are approximate based on product data sheet. May vary based on substrate. View the primer Masterseal P255 HERE View the base coat Masterseal 265 HERE View Masterseal 275 TopCoat for Interior use […]

Siloxane PD Coverage Calculator

Enter Surface Area (in sq. ft.): Select Material: ConcreteFired ClaySandstone (Unpolished) Calculate Total Buckets: 0 Total Gallons: 0 *Approximate results. Calculations use averages listed on product data sheet for a single coat. Examples of Concrete are: Brick, Tile, Precast Panels, Pavers, Cast-in-place Examples of Fired Clay are: Red Brick, Terra Cotta (unglazed), Clay Pavers, Clay […]

Henry Air Bloc 16MR Coverage Calculator

Select Surface Type: Smooth SurfacesRough Surfaces Enter Surface Area (in square feet): Calculate Full Buckets Needed: Total Gallons Needed: *Results are approximate. Calculations use averages provided by the product data sheet. Amounts may vary depending on substrate used. Smooth Surfaces are ones such as exterior gypsum sheathing or formed concrete Rough Surfaces such as CMU […]

Best Silane Siloxane Sealer 2023

Ever wondered what keeps your concrete surfaces looking fresh and free from moisture intrusion? Meet the silane siloxane sealer, a superstar in the world of sealants like topical sealers, acrylic sealers, epoxy, and polyurethane systems. Born from the fusion of siloxanes and silane, this sealant is known for its superior substrate penetration and excellent water […]

Why Wearing Hard Hats Is Crucial in Construction Sites

Construction work can be dangerous, and wearing hard hats is crucial to preventing injuries while on the job. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), construction site falls are the number one cause of fatalities in the industry, which means workers have good reason to prioritize wearing their hard hats at work. Read on to […]