Five Good Reasons To Waterproof Your Home

Many homeowners never think about waterproofing their homes until it is too late. When water seeps into your concrete structures, it has the effect of damaging your house. Water expands and freezes depending on the ambient temperature. When this happens, the concrete structure weakens and this will affect the structural integrity of your house. Rather than wait for these things to happen, it is much better to waterproof your house and protect it from water damage. Here are some good reasons why you should waterproof your home.

Enjoy Better Health

Water seepage on concrete structures can have a serious effect on the health of your family. This is because water creates dampness, which in turn can lead to respiratory problems for occupants of the house. Even more dangerous, there is a significant chance that damp walls will lead to mold infestation. Mold thrives in damp and moist places, which is exactly what happens when water gets into our concrete structures. Mold releases spores and when these spores are inhaled, it can lead to respiratory problems and can also make conditions like asthma significantly worse.

Lower Utility Costs

Damp houses are generally colder and harder to heat up. When water lies beneath the surface of your concrete structures. This dampness means that you have to use more energy to have a comfortable temperature in your house. This typically means that you spend more money on energy, which then affects your personal finances. By waterproofing your home, you are able to improve insulation in your home and this, in turn, leads to cost savings on energy bills.

As part of waterproofing your concrete surfaces, you are also likely to seal cracks and other faults. These cracks have a tendency to bring in cold air, which further makes it harder for your heating system to maintain a comfortable temperature in your house.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Water has a way of damaging your concrete surfaces and this can lead to costly repairs. For example, we mentioned mold earlier. This problem not only poses health risks for your family, but it can also lead to costly repair bills. Mold needs to be removed by experts and this can be very costly. Mold will also destroy paintwork, and can even weaken some structures. All these problems will cost you money to fix them. Water will also cause your surfaces to crack and this will affect the structural integrity of your home. This will often lead to costly repair work down the road.

Ensure Strong Foundation

When you waterproof your house, you help protect your foundation. This is because the foundation of your home can be weakened by water seepage. This in turn can affect your walls, and roofs and even make your house unsafe to live in. Waterproofing your house will keep your foundation strong and help you keep your house for longer.

Increase House Value

Most homeowners understand that their homes are an investment. By waterproofing your home, one is able to increase the value of their home. This is because potential buyers appreciate waterproofed homes due to their durability and low maintenance costs. For this reason, they are thus willing to pay a lot more for your home. In most cases, the increase in home value outstrips the cost of waterproofing your house.