Miracote Liquid Pigment: Miracote Color Pack 10oz


  • Miracote MPC protective coating & microtopping • Miracote MPC Park Deck
  • Mirastamp overlay
  • Mirastain
  • Miracote One
  • Miracote BC Pro
  • MiraFlex Membrane C
  • Excellent color uniformity and consistency
  • Outstanding UV resistance
  • Zero VOC
  • Non-hazardous water-based formulation
  • Easy clean up
  • Long shelf life

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Product Data Sheet

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Miracote Liquid Pigment: Miracote Color Pack 10oz

Miracote ColorPax LIP (Liquid Integral Pigment) is a formulated coloring dispersion that is mixed with the liquid polymer component of cementitious base coats. Questions? Contact us

Where to Use
Miracote ColorPax LIP Pack is designed for use in MiraStamp Liquid Polymer and Miracote Liquid Catalyst to produce accent coloration in Overlay MiraStamp, Miracote MT-DP and Miracote MPC Pool Deck topping applications. ColorPax LIP can be added to MiraPatch RM White to produce a decorative repair mortar, and can be added to Miracote Mirastain to accent applied toppings. ColorPax LIP is available in all standard colors and can be ordered in custom matched colors.

ColorPax LIP creates a homogenous coloration dispersed in liquid polymers. Materials incorporating ColorPax LIP deliver a full depth color that is colorfast, resistant to ultraviolet degradation and is not subject to photo-induced deterioration. Designed for compatibility with liquid polymers, ColorPax LIP affords development of uncompromised physical properties.

  • Thoroughly pre-shake Miracote Liquid Pigment by hand.
  • Dispense ColorPax LIP into the mixing liquid.
  • Dip the ColorPax LIP bottle mouth slightly into the mixing liquid partially refilling the LIP bottle. Replace the cap and shake the bottle to agitate and mix up any residual pigment remaining in the bottle. Pour contents of bottle into the mixing liquid. Repeat as necessary to assure entire contents of the LIP are dispensed into mixing liquid.
    Note: This is very important to maintain consistency in color from mix to mix.

Use a mechanical mixing drill set on slow to medium speed to thoroughly blend the liquid integral pigment into the mixing liquid.
Avoid working air into the mix.

Always install a minimum 4’ by 4’ test area or job site mock-up for owner approval of acceptable color, texture, finish adhesion and any other critical requirements prior to proceeding with the installation.

Upon the completion of concrete surface preparation, it is highly recommended to perform in-situ adhesion tests for verification of acceptable substrate tensile strength. Consult ICRI Guideline No. 210.3R-2013 for conducting pull-off tests to evaluate suitable bond of concrete surface materials. • Prior to application perform concrete surface repair only with MiraPatch pre-packaged repair mortars.

Verify that the most current versions of product technical data sheets (PTDS), material safety data sheets (MSDS), and installation guidelines (IG) are being utilized for project submittals and application reference.

Protect materials at all times from excessive heat and cold.
Precondition liquids and powders between 55°F(4.5°C) to 80°F(4.5°C) prior to mixing and application.

Regularly check wet film thickness with mil gauge and monitor product consumption to ensure correct application thicknesses are obtained.
The proper application of this product is the sole responsibility of the end user. Job site visits by Miracote representatives are only for the purpose of making recommendations. Supervision and quality control are the sole responsibility of the user.

Measure surface and ambient temperatures to ensure that material is only applied when temperatures are 40°F (4.5°C) and rising during placement and cure time.


Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 8 in

Adobe Tan, Bright Gray, Dark Gray, Dodge City Tan, Dolphin Gray, Provincial Tan, Sandpiper Beige, Spanish Tile, Speedway Gray