Miracote Poly Fabric


Miracote Poly Fabric is an alkaline resistant polypropylene woven-mesh fabric designed to reinforce Miracote waterproofing and traffic surfacing systems. Miracote Poly Fabric adds strength and serves as a control to insure proper application thickness as well as providing a continuous coating over cracks and joints.


Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Miracote Poly Fabric Advantages

  • Adds strength
  • Provides crack-resistance
  • May be embedded with Miracote waterproofing membranes or cementitious coatings


See Installation Guides for systems where Miracote Poly Fabric is specified.


Miracote Poly Fabric is packaged in 40” wide x 300 ft. long rolls (1,000 sq. ft.) and 10” wide x 300ft.


Not applicable.


Shelf life will be one year from the date of manufacture as long as containers remain unopened and when material is store in a protected environment that is free from moisture, excessive heat and freezing temperatures, and direct sunlight.


Miracote Poly Fabric is used in waterproof membranes and cementitious coatings beneath ceramic tile, marble, quarry tile, latex mastic surfacing and certain types of between slab or below-grade membranes.


Install a minimum 4’ by 4’ test area site mock up for approval of acceptable color, texture, finish, adhesion, and any other critical requirement acceptable to the owner prior to proceeding with the installation. Verify current versions of product technical data sheets (PTDS), material safety data sheets (MSDS), and installation guidelines (IG) at www.miracote.com. Protect materials from excessive heat and cold and regularly check wet film thickness with mil gauge and monitor consumption to ensure correct application thicknesses and rate are obtained.


  • Surface Preparation Caulk all sheet metal joints with polyurethane sealant. Route and caulk major working cracks. If surface is highly absorbent or if work is outside in full sun, dampen surface with water and prime with Miracote cementitious coating to reduce temperature and suction. Fill joints and grout substrate with Miracote if necessary to provide smooth, flat surface.
  • Application Pour membrane or coating material on surface and spread with a brush or trowel. Embed fabric into the wet material, overlapping seams 2 inches. Work the material up through the weave of the fabric. Cut and fit additional strips of Miracote Poly Fabric to reinforce flashing areas, cracks, sheet metal seams, drain and scupper openings, etc.


Cleaning and disinfecting compounds and cleaning techniques can affect the color, gloss, texture and performance of the system. As a precautionary step, Crossfield recommends that the end-user test their cleaning and disinfecting compounds on a sample or on a small, out of the way finished area, utilizing the intended cleaning technique prior to cleaning the entire surface area. If no deleterious effects are observed, the procedure can be continued. If the cleaning and disinfecting compounds or cleaning techniques damage the system, modification of the cleaning material or techniques will be required. Contact your Representative for additional information.

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