MiraFlex Membrane C: Miracote 43Ib


  • Interior and exterior – above and below grade.
  • Below grade positive side waterproofing
  • Planter box and foundation waterproofing
  • Plaza decks, balconies, pedestrian bridges, roof decks.
  • Stadiums, arenas and entertainment parks.
  • Mechanical equipment and utility rooms.
  • Fountains, pools, spillways, storage and aquatic tanks.
  • Secondary containment, elevator pits.
  • Water and wastewater facility structures.
  • Crack isolation/waterproofing under Miracote flooring system.
  • Waterproofing under tile and other composition flooring.

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MiraFlex Membrane C: Miracote 43Ib

MiraFlex Membrane C is a state-of-the-art, two-component, polymer-modified, highly flexible, cementitious membrane for the waterproofing and protection of concrete, masonry and many other types of construction materials and substrates.  Designed for exterior or interior applications, above or belowgrade, MiraFlex Membrance C can be used and applied to horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces.Questions? Contact us

Applied by roller, trowel, spray apparatus or squeegee, MiraFlex Membrane C is ideal for use in waterproofing applications under tile and other composite flooring systems.  It is also capable of stand-alone applications, and can remain exposed to mechanical wear and abrasion, impact, immersion in water, UV and normal climatic and environmental elements.  For detailing and treatment of cracks and construction joints, it can b embedded with Miracote Poly Fabric ffor reinforcement and enhanced dimensional stability.  With its cementitious backbone, MiraFlex Membrane C is compatible with other cementitious materials, thin-set mortars and moist coatings and sealers.

• Surface Preparation – All surfaces must be clean, sound, and free from bug holes, pop outs, voids, discontinuities, mortar fins, and any bond inhibiting substances including, but not limited to, grease, oil and any other contaminants or loosely adhered materials. For concrete substrates, a minimum surface profile of a CSP-3 or higher is required depending on overall substrate conditions and coating requirements. Repair any existing concrete surface defects previously noted with the appropriate MiraPatch repair mortar. Concrete and other porous or absorptive substrates should be (SSD) saturated surface dry with no standing water at the time of application.

• Mixing – Membrane C must be mixed mechanically to a uniform consistency in a clean mixing vessel using a low-speed drill (300-450 rpm) with a “Jiffy-type” or similar Miracote- approved mixing paddle. Pre-mix Membrane C liquid to re- disperse any polymer solids that may have settled on the bottom of the pail. When mixing Membrane C always pour the liquid component into the mixing pail first and gradually add the powder component while mixing. Thoroughly mix the complete unit for a minimum of three minutes or until a uniform consistency is achieved that is free of lumps and pockets of dry powder.

Application – Membrane C can be applied using a roller, brush, broom, trowel, magic trowel, squeegee or spray equipment. Apply only on properly prepared substrates, and be sure that all bug holes, pop outs, and other surface discontinuities have been rendered with appropriate MiraPatch mortar. Apply Membrane C at a rate of 160 sq. ft. per unit or approximately 31 mils per coat which presumes a relatively smooth surface profile. For waterproofing applications, a minimum of two coats is required. A third coat may be required where high water infiltration can be anticipated.

For Reinforcement with Poly Fabric – Apply the first coat of Membrane C at the rate of 160 sq. ft. per unit and turn up 6” at all vertical transitions. Immediately embed Miracote Poly Fabric while Membrane C remains in a wet condition ensuring that the fabric thoroughly settles into and is saturated by the wet Membrane C. Smooth out any wrinkles in the fabric carefully with a stainless-steel trowel or other suitable tool. Within 1 to 2 hours, apply a second coat of Membrane C at a rate of 160 sq. ft. per unit over the Miracote Poly Fabric to encapsulate and weld all three layers together.

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