PB100 Chemtrete: Protectosil 5 Gallon


  • Low VOC

  • Low-temperature application (20°F)

  • Can be applied over most prior water repellent treatments

  • Lasts 20 years

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Safety Data Sheet 

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PB100 Chemtrete: Protectosil 5 Gallon

PB100 Chemtrete is a clear, penetrating, breathable water repellent for use on exterior above-grade concrete masonry units, brick masonry and most natural stones. Provides resistance against water, alkali attack, acid rain and waterborne staining. Penetrates into the substrate and chemically bonds with silica to form a permanent attachment of the water repellent molecule. Protectosil PB100 Chemtrete is especially suited for making porous substrates such as split-face block water repellent. This water repellent effect stands up against wind-driven rain. Questions? Contact Us. 

By preventing water and water-borne contaminants from entering the substrate, Protectosil CHEM-TRETE PB 100 reduces problems caused by efflorescence, leaching, acid rain deterioration, scaling, dirt build-up, staining, corrosion of reinforcing steel and mildew. Protectosil CHEM-TRETE PB 100 will not cause adverse surface appearance of the substrate. Treated surfaces are fully breathable because the natural moisture vapor transmission is not affected. This will eliminate problems caused by entrapped moisture, including blushing of the sealer and freeze-thaw damage to the masonry.

Materials such as concrete masonry units (split-face, fluted or ground-faced blocks) can be protected from the ingress of wind-driven rain. Brick masonry, especially single wythe wall construction, can be treated to prevent moisture from entering and damaging interior walls. Keeps masonry cleaner by reducing the amount of dirt and
other pollutants that may absorb into the concrete. Other substrates that can be protected include sandstone, terra-cotta, Saint Joe brick, hand-molded bricks and most natural stones.

Protectosil CHEM-TRETE PB 100 is a proprietary mixture of alkyltrialkoxysilanes. The Protectosil CHEM-TRETE
PB 100 is designed to provide a high level of surface beading with penetration, to protect against wind-driven rain. The silane components are unique because they chemically bond to the silica in the substrate and set up a hydrophobic layer of protection. Because of the silane’s unique chemistry, a long service life is possible. By incorporating Protectosil CHEMTRETE PB 100 into your integrated design, you can earn vital Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) credits for both new and existing construction projects.


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