Dryvit SealClear: Clear Acrylic Primer-Sealer

  • Dries to clear appearance
  • Dirt pickup resistance
  • Water-based
  • Clean look
  • Resists dirt longer
  • Easy cleanup

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Dryvit SealClear: Clear Acrylic Primer-Sealer

Dryvit SealClear is a 100% acrylic emulsion binder that dries to a clear appearance. Dryvit SealClear has excellent resistance to water whitening after fully dried, reduces dirt pickup and renews the color of weathered finishes. Questions? Contact Us.

Sealing new applications of EIFS to provide increased resistance to dirt pickup. Sealing older, weathered EIFS to renew original color and reduce porosity. Provides a surface barrier to resist continued attack by acid rain and other pollutants. General sealing of porous materials such as brick, clay tile, quarry tile, splitface block, porous stones, terra cotta, stucco and concrete. Improves the freeze-thaw resistance of porous exterior surfaces by lowering water absorption and, at the same time, limiting the effect of acid rain and airborne soils. Not recommended for use on wearing horizontal surfaces such as concrete decks or on immersion surfaces such as pools, hot tubs and
whirlpools. Priming older weathered EIFS prior to application of Demandit Smooth. It reduces porosity and suction of weathered substrates, and the uniform suction assists roller application resulting in a more uniform final appearance.

The preferred method of application is by spray. Suitable spray equipment is airless spray or low-pressure hand pump garden-type sprayer. Brush, roller or paint pads can be used but are prone to dripping. Always start at the top of the wall surface and, using horizontal strokes, saturate the surface to the point of run-off. SealClear goes on as a milky white liquid, ensuring complete coverage, and dries
clear. Do all applications across a wall section or panel in a continuous pattern, without breaks, maintaining a wet edge until a logical break is reached. Ensure application is uniform without runs or excessive buildup in reveals, special shapes, etc. Remove excess SealClear with a brush, roller or cloth.

Stir thoroughly before using and often during the application process.

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