The Applications Of Arctic 2CNS Sikaflex 1.5 Gallon: Cold Weather

Artic 2CNS Sikaflex 1.5 Gallon: Cold Weather

The Arctic 2CNS Sikaflex 1.5 Gallon: Cold Weather is an elastomeric and polyurethane sealant used to fill up and seal up opening gaps. The sealant comprises a rubbery, liquid-like texture that cures hard but remains elastic and flexible when dry, forming an elastic polymer. The Artic 2CNS sealant is easy to work with and relatively long-lasting. It is a non-sag, two-component polyurethane elastomeric sealant that is designed to work optimally in cold weather conditions to protect your home from the elements. Additionally, it meets all the regulations, standards, and federal specifications.

Benefits of The Artic 2CNS Sikaflex

The Artic 2CNS by Sikaflex is one of the easiest polyurethane sealants to work with and can be used with various application methods such as brushing, wiping, and using a caulk gun. Despite extremely cold weather conditions, the sealant will still continue to be in gunable, toolable, and workable consistency that won’t firm up. It is a versatile and ideal option for those experiencing the winter season and will have to caulk cracks, gaps, and openings on the exterior and interior of their walls.

Applications of The Artic 2CNS Sikaflex

The Artic 2CNS is widely used in various construction applications and is ideal for both vertical and horizontal orientation usage. It is designed to work with properly working joints and can fit a minimum ¼” depth. It also adheres to most substrates found in construction materials and can remain mixable and usable even at a low temperature of 15°F, making it suitable for working in a range of environment and weather conditions.

As it is chemically cured, this allows you to place the sealant in deeper areas of cracks and non-moving parts and joints. When it is dried, the texture of the material remains a tough, flexible, and durable consistency that can stand up to cuts, tears, shrinking, and corrosion while staying non-sag in wide jobs.

You won’t also have to worry about priming any surface with this sealant, as it has exceptional adhesion to most substrates and materials. Additionally, the Artic 2CNS is available in 35 architectural colors, meaning you can easily adapt it to fit into your home renovation applications.

More importantly, you also have the option of sanding and painting over it with any paint, ranging from water to rubber to oil-based paints.

It is waterproof and an effective sealant in submerged water environments like canals, reservoirs, and drainage joints. Additionally, it works effectively with the Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS), that waterproof and insulate exterior walls with integrated composite materials.

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