The Best Concrete Mix for Tunnels, Roads, Balconies, & More!


The Best Concrete Mix for Tunnels, Roads, Balconies, & More!

These days, Metro Sealant gets a lot of questions about what type of concrete repair and installation products are best to use when it comes to performing touch-up and installation work on things like roads, balconies, tunnels, and other concrete-based installations. Well, when it comes to concrete work, nothing works better than Deck Mix AE with Fibers, from US Concrete Products.

Below, we’ve highlighted some of its foremost advantages, as well as its applications, so read on!

What Exactly is Deck Mix AE with Fibers?

This concrete mix is a single component, high-slump, shrinkage compensated concrete that features air entrainment and special cements, along with aggregates designed to make it lasting and durable for a variety of applications. Additionally, it includes a corrosion inhibitor to help protect reinforcing steel.

Other Benefits of Deck Mix AE with Fibers include:

  • Improved tensile strengths
  • Exceptional bonding properties to concrete substrates
  • Outstanding bonding and compressive strength
  • Easy setup time with continual strength gain
  • Simple installation by hand or pump
  • Resistance to freeze/thaw cycling
  • It inhibits alkali-silica reaction
  • & More!

Easy Application

The Deck Mix AE with Fibers available from Metro Sealant is easy to apply, simply add water at a rate of 3.25 quarts per 80-pound bag. Using a mechanical mixer rather than attempting to mix substrate by hand is recommended. For a good bond, ensure the surface where it will be applied is clean; once applied no special curing is needed. It’s important to note that with lower surface temperatures, it will take a longer time to set and a shorter time with higher temperatures.

Important Note: Since Deck Mix AE with Fibers contains Portland Cement and Free Silica, it’s important not to breathe in the dust and proper safety measures should be taken to ensure this doesn’t happen.

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